Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Stupendous Family Fun Day!

I was nervous about sending Andrew off to school.  I know it is just kindergarten, but it really is the beginning of his exposure to different belief systems, values, and opinions.  I wondered if I had done enough to help him treat others kindly, to be a good example, and choose the right even when his friends were not.  Chad and I sat down and discussed what we could do as a family during the summer to help prepare him for school.  We decided to arm him with SCRIPTURE POWER!  We prayerfully selected 12 scriptures to memorize as a family, one each week.  Andrew, Chad, and I memorized all 12 verses.  Ryan memorized shortened parts of each scripture.  Molly was our cheerleader.   We promised a BIG REWARD at the end.  Chad and I discussed beach trips, camping, and amusement parks, but didn't want Andrew to miss any school.  So instead we decided it would be fun to stay in town and take the kids to do several things they often ask to do, but that we never make time for or don't do because they aren't really very healthy (like every meal we ate yesterday). But in the name of fun and spontaneity, we headed out on our fun adventure.  Determined to let loose, and let the whole day be about the kids.  (BONUS: We also managed to use passes we received from the library reading program for almost every one of our activities). 

We started the day with dessert at Chick-fil-A.  We ate ice cream at 9am and then happened upon their storytime they hold on Saturdays.  (who knew)?  So, we used our free passes for ice cream, and then for participating in the story time, they gave us passes for 3 free drinks!  Awesome!

After dessert, we headed to use our library passes for a round of minigolf.  Andrew is quite the golfer.  Ryan enjoyed bowling with the golf ball, and Molly thought she was so big strutting around with her club and ball.

We left  minigolf and headed to the Children's Museum, one of our favorite spots, but Daddy doesn't usually get to go with us.  It was fairly empty.  They had a new crane exhibit which is probably my all time favorite thing at a kid's museum ever.  The children got to build towers and then operate the controls and have the crane knock them down!  We played there most of our time, but managed to squeeze in a few more fun things.  Molly was a big fan of the grocery store.  And they all loved playing pretend and dress up.

Since the library had given us passes, we headed next to Cici's Pizza.  A place we have only eaten maybe one or two other times with the kids.  They were so excited. 

It was time for Molly's nap so we headed home and let her sleep while the boys all played some video games Chad had never pulled out for them before.  Like Donkey Konga.  They loved it! (and amazingly Molly slept through it and took a great nap).

And since we began the day with dessert, we ended with breakfast! At IHOP, of course.  As we tucked the kiddos in bed, Andrew declared it a Super Stupendous Family Fun Day!

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Jenny said...

I am tired out just reading this post. What a fun time! Love blogs because I was missing you the other day.