Sunday, August 15, 2010

Visiting Teacher

Another reason I love Andrew's school is the beginning of year home visit.  Each teacher in the school visits with all of her students in their homes (or at the school if they prefer) before school begins. Andrew was so excited to have his new teacher come to our home.  He picked out a special outfit he wanted to wear, his soccer uniform, complete with cape and mask.  I encouraged him to wait on the cape and mask, but told him he could show those to his teacher after she arrived.  He then went upstairs and decided he DID NOT want his teacher to see the scrapes on his arms and legs he received from falling down in the parking lot.  So even though it was 97 degrees outside, he insisted on wearing long sleeves and long pants.  He waited by the front door for her to arrive, and very graciously welcomed her to our home and asked her to have a seat.  He had chosen one of our favorite books to give to the classroom, an Elephant and Piggie book called "I Love My New Toy!"  They read it together.   She asked him if he had any questions.  He could only come up with one question to ask his new teacher, "Do you have Show and Tell?"  (Apparently every storybook we have ever read about school, included Show and Tell and it is something he is really looking forward to).   She let him know that they did, in fact, have show and tell every week!  Andrew was excited to hear that, but a little disappointed to find out that no toys were allowed.  He is a pretty quick thinking little fellow, though, so he didn't stay disappointed long. No, that Andrew of mine went straight to his playroom and brought out every single one of his light sabers, star wars ships, and the aforementioned super hero costume, and held his own personal session of Show and Tell in our (previously spotless) living room.  She was very sweet and listened patiently as he described each in full detail, asking the appropriate questions, acting sufficiently appreciative of these treasures.  When the visit was over, she asked him if she could take a picture of him with his mom.  She encouraged him to pose with one of his light sabers.  (She is one smart woman).  If Andrew was excited about school before her visit, he is EXUBERANT, now.  He spontaneously yells out at random times, "I can't wait for school to start."  (I am just as likely to spontaneously burst into tears these days, of course where he can't see). 
Andrew and I made caramel popcorn together for his teacher and he wrote this cute letter.

"This is a picture of Daddy, Me, and Ryan at Back to School Night.  That is our school with a flag on top."
" teacher, I really don't know about kindergarten, but I do know that I am not afraid of anything.  Love, Andrew" 


Justin said...

I hope you laminate and frame that last one.

Greg and louise said...

Very cute. I'm so glad he is excited about school starting. That is so nice that the teacher gets to know the children one on one. What an awesome idea.