Saturday, September 4, 2010

"How's Ryan Doing?"

Ryan playing dress up and actually getting to be Buzz.
Ryan happily painted for an hour one morning.
We visited a farmer's market in the mountains with friends.
Picking Peaches
eating peaches
First Day of Mommy and Me
We read Mouse Paint and then danced in paint while we pretended to be mice.
Ryan asked to have his train set pulled out.
playing at the park
Helping Mommy make a snack for a playdate
Ryan getting to be the big brother and pushing Molly's stroller as we go to pick up Andrew from school.
The question "How is Andrew liking kindergarten?" is usually followed by "How is Ryan doing?"  So, I thought I would show everyone how Ryan is doing.  The above pics were all taken over the past two weeks that Andrew has been in school.    I had been so concerned over how Ryan would handle Andrew's absence.  I seriously braced myself for Ryan to become deeply depressed.  However, all my worrying was needless. Ryan is doing great!  He is happy and talkative and is sharing all of the things he used to share with Andrew, with me!  (So I am doing great, too).  It is so fun to get to know Ryan.  He is such a fun little guy.  I love that he actually wants to play with ME!  (at least for the few hours Andrew is at school.  I am not delusional enough to believe that if given the choice, I would be first). :)

Ryan misses his brother.  He asked me yesterday why Andrew had to live at school all of the time.  But then he followed it up with the question, "Why can't his teacher just drive him home so we don't have to go there EVERYDAY to get him?"  He hugs Andrew and follows him around the rest of the day until bedtime.  But while Andrew is at school, Ryan is enjoying being the biggest at home.

The first day Andrew was at school Ryan crawled up in my lap and whispered very urgently in my ear, "Mommy, I don't really like Star Wars.  Andrew does.  But I like Elmo and trains."  It was so cute, he was so hesitant to tell me, but so earnestly wanting me to know that he was NOT Andrew, and had his own likes.  We popped in an Elmo movie and pulled out his trains.  He has a fun time ever since that first day letting Ryan choose what we do while Molly naps in the morning.  

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Greg and louise said...

I absoultely love that he let you in on it that he doesn't really like Star Wars.....but he willingly endures so he can play with his big brother. That is so cute. I'm so glad Ryan is getting to experience being the big brother a little while.