Sunday, October 31, 2010

the evolution of family costumes

I love dressing up with family themes.  Chad and I  have done so every year for the past 14 years except for one. (We dressed up together we were Sandy and Danny from Grease while we were dating).  Our family went through several costume changes this year.  We started talking about it last November.  We planned Star Wars costumes, then a a friend in Alaska offered last November to sew us all Mario Galaxy costumes, so thought about that theme.  This summer the kids saw Toy Story 3, and then that was our family theme for a couple of months.  I thought we were set, but  the closer we got to Halloween the more frequently the plan changed.  Until finally Andrew had decided to wear a Power Ranger costume, Ryan insisted we purchase him a Superman costume, and I gave up on any semblance of a family costume and bought Molly a Piggy costume I had fallen in love with.   I was sad, but wanted the kids to enjoy the holiday, more than I wanted to insist that they play by my rules. 

Well, the pig costume came and Molly hated it.  She was terrified of it!  Cried, ran away from it, screamed at it.  Could not even get a picture of her in it.    Wednesday, Ryan wore his Superman costume to Mommy and Me and decided the fake muscles didn't feel good and refused to put it on again when it was time to go Trunk or Treating.    Somehow Chad convinced Ryan to wear his Batman costume to the ward party by promising to wear his.  Then Andrew wore his Robin costume.  I ran to the store and bought Molly a Batgirl costume, which she loved! So I got my wish for a family costume after all.  I didn't dress up for the ward party, but I threw on some ears and a tail and was Catwoman when we went out trick or treating together.  No time to make a cool Bat-mo-stroller, but we still had a fun time together trick or treating at Nana and Papa's neighborhood Saturday night!

 We went trick or treating at Too-Too's house Saturday morning and for some reason Andrew decided to be Flash there.  I think it was because he couldn't find his Robin mask.


Rebekah said...

i'm envious you got that many years in matching costumes. mine never liked my suggestions and we sporadically get to match....
love the pics!

CR said...

I love all the costumes. Your costumes are always a highlight of my Halloween. No matter what you all wear, it is always fun.