Monday, October 11, 2010


Chad and I realized recently that Andrew didn't know how to tie his shoes.  I know that sounds like an odd statement, but I had never really thought about it.  Andrew really doesn't have shoes with shoelaces, other than his Sunday shoes. And we are always too busy on Sunday mornings to have a shoe tying lesson. 

So we googled directions on how to teach shoe tying and set down one weekend afternoon last month to help begin the process.  I imagined him sitting and practicing hard until he accomplished his goal.  I was excited for the natural lesson in perseverance.  I was excited for him to feel pride in learning something challenging. 

Andrew's attention lasted a whole 10-15 minutes, then he was off playing.  We thought maybe we would try and do 10-15 minutes a night for a week or so, until whenever he figured it out.  We didn't want to create a high pressure situation. Well, the week went by and we forgot to have even one other shoe tying session.  (How does life get so busy)?  The next Saturday I mentioned to Andrew that we should practice again for a few minutes.  His reply?

Andrew: Um Mom, I already know how to tie shoes.  I don't need to practice that anymore.
Me: You did a good job practicing with Daddy, but you still need a little more practice until you are an expert. 
Andrew: (super whiny voice) But Moooooooom, I DO know how to tie shoes.  I am already an expert. 
Me: (in my best fake patient voice)   Now Andrew, somethings take practicing more than one time to learn them.  You have to persevere.  That means keep trying.  Tying shoes takes lots of practice until most of us get it right. 
Andrew: (really irritated now) Mom. I. KNOW. HOW. TO. TIE. SHOES....WATCH! 

Andrew goes and picks up a shoe.  Ties the laces correctly in a few seconds flat.

Andrew (in his best fake patient voice):  See.  I don't need to practice anymore.

So much for my lesson on perseverance, enduring to the end, the joy of accomplishing something after you have worked really hard at it.  No, one 10 minute lesson, and he pretty much has it down flat.   Maybe bike riding without training wheels will teach those lessons. 


Christy said...

That is SO funny. I'm sure he loved being right! You're such a great mom.


CR said...

LOVE it! That is so great, because Esther just learned to tie her shoes too. They are perfect for each other!