Sunday, November 14, 2010

Army or War Person

My mom and dad came up to visit us on Veterans Day and came to Andrew's class as surprise guests.  (Andrew had no idea and was so excited.  His jaw dropped open when they walked in).  They ate lunch with him first.

After lunch my dad read the class a book I had written a couple of years ago about my dad's service in the military, and shared a few fun facts. He also patiently listened to tons of stories from the children in Andrew's class about the every branch of the military, hunting deer, and family dramas which included a little TMI.

At the end of the visit he gave each of the children a flag to take home and they all held their flags and said the Pledge of Allegiance. (Thank you so much for visiting our school!  It was so much fun)!

The teacher posts a question of the day each morning for the children to answer.  On Veterans Day she posted the following question.

Andrew filled out both sides of his card.  On the first he wrote, "My Papa is in the Army." and drew a picture of my dad in camo with a gun.

This is his second side of the card that he wrote.

Translated: "My cousin is in Karate." -Andrew  (Therefore making him a "war" person, he explained to the class).   I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he spelled "Cor-o-TAY!"


CR said...

Cor-o-TAY is FABULOUS, I love it. Andrew is one smart cookie. Your Mom & Dad are my heroes!

CR said...

PS- Family dramas with TMI made me LOL! Kindergarten is the best.