Monday, December 20, 2010

Andrew's Birthday Celebration at School

 Since Andrew's birthday is over Christmas Break, they celebrated his birthday on the last day before break.  We brought in popcorn, Fruitables juice boxes, and bird whistles to share with his classmates. 

His classmates each made birthday cards with pictures of cake that they colored for him as their response to the question of the day.   They each shared what kind of cake they made for him. Most of the kids named a specific flavor (chocolate, lemonade, strawberry).  Except for the girl he says he is going to marry.  She said she made him a Star Wars cake.

We had a two hour delay the last day of school, due to icy roads, so we combined his birthday snack with lunch. 

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shelley said...

how, how, HOW can i enroll my child in that school?!?! never mind that i would have to drive an hour each way... you are VERY lucky to have found such an excellent place to send andrew! happy birthday little guy!