Monday, December 27, 2010

Jedi Star Wars Party

Andrew celebrated his 6th birthday with a family party on his actual birthday! We usually don't do that, since it is 3 days before Christmas. We offered to throw him a party with all of his friends from church and school, but he decided he really just wanted to do Cousin Camp again, but with a Star Wars theme this time and on his ACTUAL birthday.

My family and a good friend helped me make these Jedi robes for Andrew and each of his 5 guests.

Here is our schedule for the party games.

When our young Padawans arrived we played a Star Wars Lego Bingo game. We used Star Wars gummies as our markers.

Next we played a game called Musical Masks. I placed several laminated Star Wars character masks on the floor and played Star Wars music. When the music stopped, each child had to tell the name of the character they had landed on.

We played a game called Save the Princess. We had hidden pictures of Princess Leia inside of 6 silver balloons. We showed the children the infamous "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi" scene.

Then they were challenged to use the "Force" to save the princess. Andrew tried to sit on his balloon to pop it. Then he tried to lay flat across it. Even with Chad pushing on him, it wouldn't pop. We finally had to use scissors a lightsaber to save her. The other balloons luckily did not prove quite so stubborn.

The young Padawans continued to practice using the force with this Restore Order to the Galaxy game. They used their hoods to blindfold themselves and tried to destroy the enemies ships.

The Scavenger Hunt game was next. I handed Andrew a Star Wars backpack. A clue was hidden in the side pocket. Each of the children took turns finding clues throughout the house. I had found lots of little Star Wars toys that opened and a few pez dispensers that I hid the clues inside of. They placed the clue and the toy in the book bag before heading to the next clue.

The Scavenger Hunt ended outside with a special ceremony where they were each awarded their own light saber. (Nerf ones we found on sale).

They were then prepared for official Jedi training with Jedi Master Uncle Chad/Daddy. They practiced their balancing skills over hot lava.

They practiced their aim with flying discs.

They practiced their Jedi jumps on the trampoline. (He took off his robe because the trampoline was wet).

They ran an obstacle course with Master Yoda on their backs.

The favorite part of the training was racing the monster truck Landspeeder.

When the Jedi training was completed, armed with their light sabers, the young Jedis set off to destroy Darth Vader and get candy!

We went inside for refreshments.

Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, and 4 of Andrew's Aunts were there to celebrate with us, too! We ate Padawan Pizza, Death Star Doughnuts, Light Sabers (grapes on lollipop sticks), Lava Laces (red Twizzlers), Wookie Cookies, C-Cheese-P-Os, and Yoda Soda. My sister, Emily, made this fabulous cake!

We ended by opening presents. Each cousin went home with their robe, light saber, Star Wars Silly bands, coloring books, Star Wars Lego Ships, and Star Wars stickers.

Even Molly got dressed up for the party in her brother's t-shirt.

That night, Andrew got to stay up late and watch Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time. He was so excited that he was actually speechless. For perhaps the first time in his entire life. When he finally found his voice (several minutes into the movie) his one word reply? "AWESOME!"

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rlw said...

You are the best mom ever! What an awesome party! I know who to turn to the next time I need ideas for birthday parties!