Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday, Daddy!

 Here are 40 answers (to 20 questions) in honor of our Daddy's 40th Birthday! 

We love you, Daddy!  (even if we can only answer about half of these correctly)   

A=Andrew, R=Ryan (They were asked these questions separately, so that Ryan wouldn't copy everything Andrew said.  I was surprised still how similar their answers were). 

1-How old is Daddy? 40 (A), 4 (R)
2-What does Daddy weigh? 46 pounds (A), 13 pounds (R)
3-What is Daddy's favorite food? cereal (A), chocolate (R)
4-What would Daddy do with a million dollars?  Buy a new tv (A), "He will have to give some to us, that's actually true, and he shouldn't give the bad guys money.  Nope, not to the bad guys." (R)
5-What is Daddy's favorite sport? Baseball (A), soccer (R)
6-What is Daddy's favorite thing to do with you? play anything (A), puzzles (R)
7-What is Daddy's favorite type of car? race car (A), Lightning McQueen (R)
8-What is Daddy's favorite tv show? ABC (A), Grown-up movies
9-What is Daddy's favorite movie? Ironman (A), Superman (R)
10-When Daddy was a kid he liked to: Play with his brother, Troy. (A), play with his toys, I guess (R)
11-What is Daddy's job? To go to work on Truliant (A), to go to work (R)
12-What does Daddy do at work? Make money (A), fix things, he works at work (R)
13-What are Daddy's hobbies? Be with his family (A), playing with me (R)
14-What is Daddy really good at? video games (A), driving his car (R)
15-If Daddy could go anywhere in the world, where would he go?  With us (A), Monkey Joes (R)
16-If Daddy was a super hero, which one would he be? Probably Aquaman (A), uh,  Ironman, of course (R)
17-Daddy's favorite color: Green (A), Gold and Black (R)
18-Where would Daddy like to go eat for his birthday? Chuck E. Cheese or Burger King (A) Chuck E. Cheese (R)
19-Where did Daddy go on his mission? Mexico (A), to church (R)


20-How old is old? 30 (A) 3 (R)


Justin Hill said...

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your dinner at Chuck E. Cheese.

Rebekah said...

Cute!! enjoy your day Chad!