Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ryan is a Sunbeam (and Andrew and Molly don't want to be left out)

Ryan started Sunbeams today.  Sunbeams is the youngest class in primary at our church.  He was sweet enough to sing me the Sunbeam song before we headed off to church.  

His nursery teacher, Sister Duke, moved up with him to be his Sunbeam teacher, along with Sister McNaught, our babysitter!  

Andrew listened to his little brother sing and then announced that he knew the CTR 6 song. He promised he would sing it for me if I promised to make a movie of it.  I was expecting the actual class song "Choose the Right."  Instead I got this original song complete with verses and a chorus.   (Somehow he got idea that the CTR 6 class was the oldest in junior primary and got to sit on the back row.  A faulty assumption that I was able to correct after hearing his song).

Molly heard her brothers singing and then sang her own song into her phone as well.  We were quite the musical family this morning.   And thanks to the new 11am start time, we had time to be.

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