Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Photos

Our fabulous friend and babysitter, Courtney, took these pics of our family as part of a class project.  I realized today that I hadn't really posted very many of them and wanted to share.   She is getting her masters in photography. 

Valentine Fun 2011

This year was a fun whirlwind of celebration, as usual. You know how much I love Valentine's Day!

We started the festivities with a fun Love themed Mommy and Me class with Ryan.

The Sunday before Valentine's (aka Valentine's Eve), we wore red to church.  It looks a little more like Fourth of July though, when they are all together.  I tried to get a picture of all 3 of them, and Molly thought we were were trying to play ring around the rosies.  So we did.

That afternoon, we heart attacked our door.  This is our family tradition ever since the first Valentine's Chad and I were dating. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, I heart attacked his apartment and accidentally discovered the engagement ring he planned on giving me the next day.  (Make sure to note the boys' awesome fashion sense in the picture below).

 The next day we ate yummy heart shaped waffles with strawberries for breakfast, and Andrew headed off to school.  Ryan, Molly and I joined him at snack time for a heart healthy treat.  Andrew's school chose to celebrate their own hearts on Valentine's Day.  They looked at models of real hearts, learned how the heart works and what it does, and talked about how to keep your heart healthy.  They did not allow any sweets to be sent in.  Only cards.  I wasn't sure how I felt about that at first, but it was AWESOME!  We had plenty of yummy stuff at home, and he really cared about each of the cards he received.  And the yummy fruit, whole grain muffins, and baked tortilla chips made a delicious snack!

The littlest ones and I met Chad and went out to eat for lunch. 

For dinner we had heartshaped pizzas and sparkling cider.  

We played our traditional Conversation Heart Stacking Game.  Papa won, with 23 hearts. 

We decorated our living room, opened cards and gifts  from each other. Chad gave me 3 dozen red roses.  They were gorgeous!  We gave each of the children a book.  The tradition in Spain is to call Valentine's Day the day of books and flowers.  I love that!  So that is our tradition with the kiddos. 

After gifts we held our family dance party and we ended our night with yummy fondue.  I love having traditions with my children.  I love the happy memories we are creating together.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look Mom! No Training Wheels!

We headed to the park yesterday with one objective: TEACH ANDREW TO RIDE HIS BIKE!  Chad helped him get started a few times, and then Andrew was able to do it all by himself. So in less than an hour, Andrew went from "kid who can't ride a bike," to stunt man.  Check out the last few seconds of the video.

Now we just have to master "little" things like hills, braking, and steering.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Jedi's Dilemma

This is a portion of an email I just received from Ryan's Sunbeam teacher at church. 

"Our lesson today was "Heavenly Father and Jesus love me".  We were talking about the people who love us, and Eliza very sincerely told Ryan "I love you."  Ryan immediately told her "Eeewww" and then explained that Jedi cannot love and because he was a Jedi he couldn't love anyone.  Garrett must have thought this was very sad, and told Ryan that he didn't want to be a Jedi if Jedi couldn't love.  This was a pretty serious conversation, and I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing."   

For those of you unfamiliar with Sunbeams, all of the children involved in this story are 3 years old.  :)  Ryan has never even seen Star Wars, but his brother has told him ALL about it.  Including the Jedi Code.  I am thinking we will need to have a conversation about this in the morning.  Then again, maybe not.  I am really okay if my boys live by the Jedi Code until they get home from their missions at 21.  Sorry, girls.