Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 2011

St. Patrick's Day Learning Fun

  Sorting Rainbow Pom Poms,  Sensory Box, Rainbow Rice Bottles, Mommy and Me 

Leprechaun Trap

The boys worked so hard making their trap for the Leprechauns.  
Andrew thought it would be tricky to tell them it was their home.

Leprechauns Are Mischievous 

 Those sneaky guys turned our playroom upside down, opened our Lucky Charms, and even left a message for us with our toys!  The trap didn't work, but they left a note and some Rolos and 6 Gold Dollars. Andrew tried to convince me that 4 of them were his, and that 1 was Ryan's and 1 was Molly's dollar. 

Leprechauns at School

The Leprechauns ended up at Andrew's school while they were outside on the playground.  
I was "lucky" enough to be there at the same time and got to see the kindergartners cute reactions!

Fun With Food

We ate Lucky Charms for breakfast with green milk.  I packed Andrew a green lunch with a rainbow salad (we ate the same thing a home).  My sweet visiting teacher brought me yummy Irish bread that we enjoyed with green butter, green pesto pasta, salad, and green beans.  For dessert, Ryan and Molly helped me make a 6 layer rainbow cake.  It was so much fun!  Molly kept pointing to the cake and saying "My Pink Coc, Pink Coc."   

(Almost) Two Year Olds Are Also Mischievous 

I had planned another fun activity for St. Patrick's Day with Ryan and Molly.  We were going to sort and graph the marshmallows in the remainder of the Lucky Charms cereal.  I went upstairs for a moment and when I returned I found Molly with a lot of Luckies and NO CHARMS all over the kitchen counter.  Not that I blame her, the marshmallows are the very best part of the cereal. But I was amazed at how quickly she had accomplished this feat!

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Jessica said...

Molly just did what we all want to do (at lightning speed!) too cute!