Saturday, April 30, 2011

Backyard Camping

We chose to spend every day outside in April.  (If you aren't sure what I am talking about, you can find out more here).  I wanted to do something special with the kids to celebrate our month outside.  We were lucky enough to make it outside every day this month, without fail, rain or shine, sickness and in health.   So we decided to surprise the kids with a backyard camp-out and spend the last of April outdoors.   I love backyard camping!  The house is there for those of us who would like to use the restroom indoors, the kitchen is accessible for late night treats, and if we forgot anything (like a very special bedtime lovey), we can hop right back in the house and get it!  Don't get me wrong, our family also loves real camping, but backyard camping is its own kind of fun.

 Here is our tent all set up and waiting for us.  My Mom and I set it up! 

  We grilled outside for dinner.  Then Daddy blew bubbles with the kids while I got things cleaned up.

We  played a comical family game of kickball.    Comical because the children couldn't remember having ever played before and kept mixing up the rules with soccer.  Andrew didn't want to touch the ball with his hands.  Ryan wanted to keep kicking the ball after the initial kick.  Molly wanted to pick up the bases.  As you can see, eventually we got the hang of it.  Kind of.

After the difficulty with kickball, we decided to stay with a game we all knew the rules to.  Hide and seek!

We moved next to jumping on the trampoline.  Then we laid down on the trampoline and watched the sunset together, listening to the sounds of the crickets, birds, and neighborhood dogs.

 Of course we made S'mores once it got dark.  How can you have a camp out without them? 

We put on our jammies and read stories and sang songs together until the boys fell asleep.

I'd like to say that Molly fell asleep soon after, but that would not be truthful.  Our neighbors were having a party and played loud heavy metal music until after 11pm.  Molly danced and sang along with the music. 

In the morning, the kids crawled in our sleeping bags for snuggles, before we had hot cocoa and breakfast. We laid there and listened to the animals outside.  Andrew was very excited because we heard an owl.  

Later the kids helped take down the tent, and were happy and helpful, despite the fact that they wanted to sleep outside FOREVER!

We had a wonderful time together, last night, today, and EVERY DAY this month. 

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