Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a beautiful Easter weekend with our three sweet children.   We attended church together this morning.  Since church doesn't start until 11am, we were able to snap a few pics beforehand.

 (For optimal viewing, click on each of the collages).

Molly was more than happy to let us take pics of her in her dress, but not happy about putting it on.  I bought this dress for her two years ago, before she was born.  She was VERY upset this morning that her dress was not pink!

Ryan was very happy to get dressed this morning, because his clothes were almost identical to Andrew's.  Whether or not his outfit looks like Andrew's is the number one most important factor in Ryan's clothing choice each day.  To the point of refusing to get dressed if it does not.    He also refused to pose for any pictures this morning WITHOUT his brother.  So, all of my pics of them are together.  You would never know from these pictures that Ryan was having a meltdown 2 minutes previous, because I was trying to take a pic of him alone.  Nothing makes Ryan happier than having Andrew by his side! Not that I blame him.  Andrew is pretty cool!

We went to my cousin's house to be with my Mom's side of the family for an Easter Egg hunt and dinner after church.  We hid over 600 eggs!  It was so much fun!  

My 90 year old Nanie LOVES egg hunts.  She didn't want to wait for a basket, so she made one out of her shirt while someone ran to grab one for her!

The Easter Bunny came to our house in the morning and brought the children way too much!  Molly loved her little yellow duck AND her candy.  She insisted that we open the candy.  I was very surprised when she chose to feed it to her duck BEFORE she ate any.  For breakfast we made Resurrection Rolls. We read the story of the Savior's Resurrection in Luke together.

On Saturday, we spent the entire day preparing for Easter.  We painted Easter Eggs together outside.

We also made this Resurrection Terrarium.  I had seen the idea on a website called Impress Your Kids.  We made a garden scene of the tomb with the stone in front of it.  The kids were excited to see it this morning refreshed with flowers and with the stone moved. And of course, the tomb was empty.

We ended the morning by hiding 12 Easter Eggs in the backyard yesterday that were filled with symbols of the Easter story. We came inside and opened them up.  We used the symbols and Gospel Art Kit pictures to retell the miracle of Easter. (click on the link for the symbols and the pictures we used).  

After the lesson, Ryan asked me if Jesus had died for his sins.  I told him yes, that Jesus loved him and had died for him.  That He would have sacrificed His life, even if Ryan was the only person on Earth.  Then Ryan proceeded to ask me if he had died for the sins of each and every person that he knows, naming them by name, one by one. "Did he die for Andrew? Did he die for Molly? Daddy? Mommy? Grandma Stone? Grandpa Bud? Nana, Papa? Grandma, Grandpa? Did he die for Uncle Ben? Alex? Emily? Rachel?"  He continued and listed names until he could think of no one else.  (Ryan knows a lot of people)! It is hard to put into words the sweet and overwhelming feeling I had when I replied "Yes!" to each and every name of those people that I love so dearly, as well.  Tears were in my eyes, but a smile was on my face.  With each and every yes, we became happier and all started to even laugh.  Yes, my sweet Ryan.  Our Heavenly Father sent His Only Begotten Perfect Son to earth to suffer and die for us, to pay the price for all of our sins.  He did this so that we might live with Him again someday.  He loves us, each of us, as individuals.  He came and showed us the way to return.  He paid the price for our sins.  This is the joyous news of Easter! I love these short, simple moments in my life as a mom.  Moments when my children truly begin to understand, when the Spirit is present in our home.   The moment was brief.  We moved on to lunch and naps.  But it is a memory I will always cherish and want to write down so I never forget.


Rose said...

Tears! That was beautiful. I also felt a bit exhausted just reading all you did! What a blessed children you have to have you for their Mommie.

CR said...

Molly is beautiful and so is her Mommy! The boys look SO dapper, I love their haircuts. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a bit late to the show here, but the story and you and Ryan speaking about Christ is a beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.