Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grandpa Bud Came to Visit

 Grandpa Bud came to visit over Spring Break!  We had such a fun time with him while he was here.  He went with us to the Natural Science Museum in Greensboro.  We got to see the new baby wolf cubs.
 We also just had fun running in between the exhibits there.

 We went to Reynolda Gardens one day after school.  We ate a snack together and took a hike.

The last day we got to spend together, we headed to Sciworks.  When we were done we headed home and celebrated Ryan and Molly's birthdays with Grandpa Bud.  We miss him already!!!!

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CR said...

Wow, you guys had tons of fun with Grandpa Bud! SO nice that he could come to celebrate.