Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Ryan!

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Today on his 4th Birthday (being his normal silly self)

My sweet, loveable, silly Ryan turns 4 today!  I can't believe he has been part of our family for so long.  I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent him to our home. Ryan is so eager to please.  So happy most of the time, so loving.  He has the sweetest voice.  Andrew remains the center of his universe, but he is beginning to recognize Molly as a viable playmate and is very sweet to her.  (As long as she isn't wanting to sit in Mommy's lap or play with HIS toys).  Ryan loves all things Star Wars, Super Heroes, Buzz Lightyear, sharks, and monkeys!  Ryan is beginning to read a very few sight words.  He can write his name, loves puzzles, and colors beautifully!  He is a good friend and plays well with everyone.  He is developing a very cute and quirky sense of humor and is very silly and goofy.  He has also recently decided that he is NOT shy and is very outgoing in public.  He walks right up to adults and children and introduces himself and our family.  "Hi, I am Ryan.  I am 4.  This is my mommy.  And my sister.  She is one, but she will be two soon.  Andrew is at school.  He goes to ABES.  He is 6.  Andrew likes Star Wars and birds.  But yeah, he is at school.  I am in Mommy and Me.  I am going to have a monkey birthday party."  And on and on he goes.  Until the person walks away or asks an appropriate question.  It just surprises me so much.  Until recently he shied away from any contact with others.  I guess my little boy is growing up!

Ryan's Four Year Old Favorites

Favorite Colors: Orange, Blue, Pink, and Purple, oh...and Silver, too
Favorite TV Show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Favorite Movie: Cars
Favorite Toy: Robin (from Batman and Robin)
Favorite Food: Cake
Favorite Candy: Lollipop
Favorite Song: Batman
Favorite Places to Go: the park, the beach and Monkey Joe's 
Favorite Game: Lego Star Wars
Best Friend: Andrew


Christy said...

Happy Birthday big boy! I can't believe he is so big already. Time flies when you are a cutie patootie.

CR said...

I LOVE Ryan! He has got to be one of the sweetest boys in the whole world!