Saturday, April 23, 2011

Molly's Teddy Bear Picnic 2nd Birthday Party

My sweet little girl is two!  We celebrated with a Teddy Bear Picnic on her birthday with her family and a couple of little friends.

We had peanut butter and honey teddy bear sandwiches for the children, chicken salad croissants for the grown-ups.  We had fruit, cheese, lemonade, gummy bears, and teddy bear shaped crackers, made from tortillas.  Each of the guests received a bag of teddy grahams tied with a teddy bear and pink ribbon.  They also brought home their egg baskets and bubbles.

  Molly loved her pink cake pops I made for her birthday!  Thanks for teaching me how, Aenea! Molly loves to sing Happy Birthday and was very excited to have everyone sing it to her!  She added the Cha-cha-cha part herself.

We had a "Bear Hunt" in the woods.  We hid eggs filled with candy and teddy bear stickers and teddy bear gummies.

Molly loved sharing with the Teddy Bears at her picnic!

She received lots of nice gifts from her family and friends. Thank you for coming and sharing our special day.  Thank you Grandpa and Courtney for the great pics!

We gave Molly this little table and chairs for her birthday.  She plays with it all day! 

Oh, how I love my sweet Molly!  Molly loves to sing, dance, climb, and play pretend.  To say that her favorite color is pink, is an understatement.  EVERY morning when we go to get Molly out of her bed, the first thing she says is "PINK!" Every single morning, without fail for the past few months.  She also wants to only wear pink clothes.  Molly is a nurturer.  Any time anyone is hurt, Molly is there to give hugs and kisses. Molly loves her brothers.  She wants to be wherever they are and do whatever they do.  She plays Star Wars and trains and cars with them.  They play with her dollhouse with her.  She loves spaghetti and all fruits.  Her favorite movies are Tangled and Elmo's Potty.  Her favorite books are "My Pink ABCs" and "Snuggle Puppy."  She loves all things princess. 

Molly is spunky with her own opinions.  She is beginning to speak more clearly and is putting a few words together.  She communicates her wants and needs clearly, just not always with words.  She loves to say the prayer and to sing songs.  She can sing any tune she hears and we can often hear her singing the Star Wars theme over the baby monitor.  She also "sings" the ABCs and "Happy Birthday."   She loves to play outside.  She follows multiple step directions.  She loves puzzles and to color.  She loves to sort and to play in the water table. 

Molly brings so much joy to our family.  She is happy and fun to be with.   Happy Birthday, my sweet little princess. 


Rebekah said...

cute party! happy birthday molly!

Christy said...

Happy birthday Molly! She is so pinkalicious. And precious. The party looks so cute. We wish we were there to see her in person.

CR said...

She looks gorgeous in her pink dress! Her smile still makes me laugh with joy. I'm SO sorry that I missed the Teddy Bear picnic, but it looked like an amazing extravaganza. We did make teddy bear sandwiches for lunch today, thanks for the idea. I'm glad I had the ingredients. ;)