Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ryan's 4th Birthday at Home

Ryan will have a party with his cousins and a few friends later in the week, but today was spent at church and home with just those of us who live at our house.  Ryan decided he wanted a monkey party, so Chad and I made him this cake.  (without a monkey pan...on our own...I was pretty excited)!

Molly helped clean up the frosting.

We read Ryan's favorite book outside after church.  Dr. Seuss's Happy Birthday To You. Which, by the way, is not my favorite.  It takes close to 30 minutes to read.  But Ryan LOVES it!  He asks for it all the time, everyday!  He wanted to have hotdogs on a string for lunch today because of that book.  Not sure where you buy those.  He had to settle for regular hotdogs. 

So, I know this post is about Ryan's birthday, there is nothing HOTTER than a dad reading to his kids.  I love this man!

Ryan was very eager to read his cards and open presents after dinner.  (Dinner was his favorite...spaghetti). 

He received a lot of nice gifts including this cool parachute toy. (from Nana and Papa).  

And the only thing he asked for his Mommy and Daddy to get him was a Buzz Light Year with a helmet that opens and closes. 

Happy 4th Birthday, my "funny and cool" guy! (which is what you always want me to call you).

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CR said...

I am SO impressed with your monkey cake! Do you and Chad watch Cake Boss? ;)
Ryan definitely is a funny AND cool guy!