Sunday, May 8, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Candy Grams

My sister and I (mostly her), made these for Teacher Appreciation Week for Andrew's teachers.  I am posting them just so I have them recorded somewhere in case I want to do them again another year. 

Dear (teacher),

We wanted to take a FASTBREAK and tell you what a SWEETTART you are and what you have MINT to us this year.  You are the RIESEN our little RUNTS RAZZLE out of bed each morning.  They have MOUNDS of fun at school learning GOOD & PLENTY about things like the MILKY WAY and WATCHAMACALITS so that they won't be AIRHEADS.  We totally SKOR-ed with you as our teacher.  You have been a ALMOND JOY and a LIFESAVER.  We wish we could give you a WHOPPER of a PAYDAY with an EXTRA 100 GRAND, but for NOW & LATER, please accept this card.  Hopefully it makes you SNICKER during this CRUNCH time.

Your Grateful Class Parents

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