Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink Toes

Aunt Emily introduced Molly to the magic of nail polish this summer.    Now she is no longer satisfied with plain boring nails.  They must be Sleeping Beauty PINK!  (Unless they are Rapunzel purple). 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mr. Mom

While I was on bed rest,  Chad took off 2 weeks of work to take care of me and our kids.  He was AMAZING! Besides waiting on me hand and foot, he had to do all the stuff I normally take care of each day.  He had a great time playing with our children.  Here are a few pics of the fun the kids had with their daddy those two weeks he was home.

They painted with frozen paint brushes and sidewalk paint. 
 Made homemade play dough and a volcano with a friend at our house.

 Played dress up with them.  Molly's favorite is Batman!

Chad did school with them each day, too! 
And even managed to keep the house clean and orderly. 

I am so blessed to be married to such an amazing man.  He is a great husband and dad.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cousin Camp 2011

We managed to have our 2nd Annual Cousin Camp for all the NC cousins this week.   I thought we might have to cancel this year, but we were able to pull together a shortened version because everyone pitched in to help! 2 days before my surgery! We all had a great time. 

The cousins made these t-shirts with Aunt Jen.  They each chose a color and placed their hand prints on everyone's shirts.   I think they turned out so cute! (make sure to click on each collage to get a better look).

After t-shirt making, we went on a Super Scribner Scavenger Hunt.  Each clue included a fun family fact and an activity challenge.   Some of these included: Jump on the trampoline 18 times, one time for every cousin.  Do 10 jumping jacks, naming all the Aunts and Uncles.  Move 43 M&Ms, one per year Grandma and Grandpa have been married.  Do 14 push-ups, the age of our oldest cousin.  Potato sack race to Utah and California, and Hold hands moving the hula hoop around the circle without letting go of each other, and more!

At the end of the scavenger hunt, the children found a prize.......Water Blasters for everyone!  The cousins and Aunts had the biggest water fight ever!  I think the Aunts won, but only because we cheated and pulled out buckets!

And as if we weren't wet enough, Aunt Jen made these cool water pinatas for everyone.  They were a hit!

Once we were all dried off, we ate lunch and made these awesome Robots with Aunt Emily!  These are so cute and clever.  I love how each one turned out so different from the other.

We played Cousin Bingo, learned the Cha Cha Slide, jumped around having fun like silly monkeys, and played Charades for some quiet, indoor activities.

Then we headed back outside to play together some more!

We ended our camp with a birthday celebration for Madylen and Masen.  Pizza, presents, and a make your own Sundae bar! 


Thank you, Jen and Emily.  I am so glad we didn't have to cancel.   I enjoyed creating these beautiful and fun memories with you and my sweet nieces and nephews.   I am so glad Grandma came, too! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Day of Kindergarten

The last day of school at ABES is field day!  Parents from each classroom run an outdoor game and the students rotate through all 16 activities.  They end the morning with pizza in the classroom and then head home for the summer!  Perfect ending to the school year! 

Our class sponsored a game called "Rain, Rain, Pour."  It is "Duck, Duck, Goose" with a cup of water.  You sprinkle a little on each person until you yell "Pour" and of course dump the rest of the cup of water on their head and RUN!

At the face paint station, Andrew chose to have lightsabers drawn on his cheeks.  You can see he was very serious about it!  His favorite by far was the potato sack races.  He is begging me to make him some at home.  His least favorite (at least to start with)  was the 3 legged race (in case you can't tell by the look on his face).  He was very distressed to have been partnered up with a G-I-R-L.  (In his opinion, his girl relatives are the only acceptable female playmates, with only 3 exceptions Esther, Alanah, and Caroline).   Luckily he did not verbally express his feelings to this very sweet classmate.   As it turns out, once he stopped pouting, they  made a great team!  They were super-fast and never fell down!  After the race, I think he was willing to concede that there might be room for ONE more exception.  He also rocked the soggy bottom musical chairs game! 

When field day was over, one of the parents brought in baby robins she had rescued at her veterinarian office.  Each child got to touch one of the baby robins.  I truly cannot think of a more perfect way for my bird fanatic to end his kindergarten year. 

Kindergarten Celebration

We have had an absolutely fabulous year!  We have had the most wonderful teachers, great classmates, and awesome families we have met at Andrew's school.  Thursday was Kindergarten Celebration.  

The students performed for their parents a few selections from Carnival of Animals.  Andrew's group had written a poem about a swan and made this cute mask to go along with the poem.  

I had arranged for a babysitter, thinking that Ryan and Molly would prefer to be at home.  Thursday morning, Andrew woke up very excited!  "Mommy, I can't wait for Ryan to come see me at my play today and to see all the stuff I have done this year."  So Ryan happily came with us.  I love how serious Andrew is in this picture as he explains his classwork to Ryan.  

The little friend that Andrew is posing with in the large pic above is one of Andrew's closest friends he has made this school year.  

Grandpa Scribner was invited by Alex to come since his Daddy couldn't make it.  Andrew was very excited and surprised that he popped in our room, too.  He also stayed for our last school wide sing along of the year and went to dinner with us!  It was so nice to have him there! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Recent Conversations with my Boys

The following 2 conversations happened at bedtime tonight.

Andrew: (very serious) Mom, sometimes, my brain really hurts.
Mom: Like a headache.
Andrew: No, those are in your forehead.  This one was EXACTLY where my brain is.  It happened while I was at Nana and Papa's house. 
Mom:Well, let me know if you get another one.  I am sorry it hurt.
Andrew: (still very earnest) I think...I think my BRAIN was trying to tell me something!
Mom: Really, what?
Andrew: (exasperated with me) : Mom!  I don't know!  I don't speak "brain!"

 (Later Nana shared that Andrew had experienced Brain Freeze at her house from drinking cold water too fast). 

Ryan:  (snuggling with me at bedtime, turns to me very sweetly in that adorable voice of his) Mom, don't poke your eyes out.
Mom: Why would I poke my eyes out?
Ryan: Well, there are knives and hooks and swords and and needles.  Oh and there are scissors, too!  They will poke your eyes out too.  Make sure you watch out for those too!

And here are two conversations I had with Ryan over the past two weeks. 

Ryan: I don't want to get my shots!!  I don't like shots!
Mom: I know, but we get shots so that we don't get really sick.
Andrew: Yeah, you don't want to get really sick and die.
Mom: And, you have to get your shots so that you can go to kindergarten like your brother.
Ryan: (thinks a moment) Um, Mom...I think I would rather die then get shots and go to kindergarten.  
Mom:  I would miss you.
Ryan: (light bulb goes off and with a huge smile) You could not get your shots and you could die too and go to heaven with me!

Then last night we were reading about Baptism in the scriptures before bed.

Ryan: I am NEVER getting baptized.
Mom: Why not?  I want you to be baptized so we can all be together in heaven with Heavenly Father again.
Ryan: I don't want you to get baptized either.
Mom: Why not?
Ryan: I don't want you or me to die and go live with Heavenly Father. 

It makes me happy to know that Ryan wants me with him, Dead or Alive.