Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kindergarten Celebration

We have had an absolutely fabulous year!  We have had the most wonderful teachers, great classmates, and awesome families we have met at Andrew's school.  Thursday was Kindergarten Celebration.  

The students performed for their parents a few selections from Carnival of Animals.  Andrew's group had written a poem about a swan and made this cute mask to go along with the poem.  

I had arranged for a babysitter, thinking that Ryan and Molly would prefer to be at home.  Thursday morning, Andrew woke up very excited!  "Mommy, I can't wait for Ryan to come see me at my play today and to see all the stuff I have done this year."  So Ryan happily came with us.  I love how serious Andrew is in this picture as he explains his classwork to Ryan.  

The little friend that Andrew is posing with in the large pic above is one of Andrew's closest friends he has made this school year.  

Grandpa Scribner was invited by Alex to come since his Daddy couldn't make it.  Andrew was very excited and surprised that he popped in our room, too.  He also stayed for our last school wide sing along of the year and went to dinner with us!  It was so nice to have him there! 

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