Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Day of Kindergarten

The last day of school at ABES is field day!  Parents from each classroom run an outdoor game and the students rotate through all 16 activities.  They end the morning with pizza in the classroom and then head home for the summer!  Perfect ending to the school year! 

Our class sponsored a game called "Rain, Rain, Pour."  It is "Duck, Duck, Goose" with a cup of water.  You sprinkle a little on each person until you yell "Pour" and of course dump the rest of the cup of water on their head and RUN!

At the face paint station, Andrew chose to have lightsabers drawn on his cheeks.  You can see he was very serious about it!  His favorite by far was the potato sack races.  He is begging me to make him some at home.  His least favorite (at least to start with)  was the 3 legged race (in case you can't tell by the look on his face).  He was very distressed to have been partnered up with a G-I-R-L.  (In his opinion, his girl relatives are the only acceptable female playmates, with only 3 exceptions Esther, Alanah, and Caroline).   Luckily he did not verbally express his feelings to this very sweet classmate.   As it turns out, once he stopped pouting, they  made a great team!  They were super-fast and never fell down!  After the race, I think he was willing to concede that there might be room for ONE more exception.  He also rocked the soggy bottom musical chairs game! 

When field day was over, one of the parents brought in baby robins she had rescued at her veterinarian office.  Each child got to touch one of the baby robins.  I truly cannot think of a more perfect way for my bird fanatic to end his kindergarten year. 

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