Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Recent Conversations with my Boys

The following 2 conversations happened at bedtime tonight.

Andrew: (very serious) Mom, sometimes, my brain really hurts.
Mom: Like a headache.
Andrew: No, those are in your forehead.  This one was EXACTLY where my brain is.  It happened while I was at Nana and Papa's house. 
Mom:Well, let me know if you get another one.  I am sorry it hurt.
Andrew: (still very earnest) I think...I think my BRAIN was trying to tell me something!
Mom: Really, what?
Andrew: (exasperated with me) : Mom!  I don't know!  I don't speak "brain!"

 (Later Nana shared that Andrew had experienced Brain Freeze at her house from drinking cold water too fast). 

Ryan:  (snuggling with me at bedtime, turns to me very sweetly in that adorable voice of his) Mom, don't poke your eyes out.
Mom: Why would I poke my eyes out?
Ryan: Well, there are knives and hooks and swords and and needles.  Oh and there are scissors, too!  They will poke your eyes out too.  Make sure you watch out for those too!

And here are two conversations I had with Ryan over the past two weeks. 

Ryan: I don't want to get my shots!!  I don't like shots!
Mom: I know, but we get shots so that we don't get really sick.
Andrew: Yeah, you don't want to get really sick and die.
Mom: And, you have to get your shots so that you can go to kindergarten like your brother.
Ryan: (thinks a moment) Um, Mom...I think I would rather die then get shots and go to kindergarten.  
Mom:  I would miss you.
Ryan: (light bulb goes off and with a huge smile) You could not get your shots and you could die too and go to heaven with me!

Then last night we were reading about Baptism in the scriptures before bed.

Ryan: I am NEVER getting baptized.
Mom: Why not?  I want you to be baptized so we can all be together in heaven with Heavenly Father again.
Ryan: I don't want you to get baptized either.
Mom: Why not?
Ryan: I don't want you or me to die and go live with Heavenly Father. 

It makes me happy to know that Ryan wants me with him, Dead or Alive.  

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Janine said...

How funny. It is nice to know you are loved, dead or alive, and how thoughtful are they to think all those scenarios through?