Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Andrew is a First Grader

My sweet Andrew headed off to First Grade last week.  He was so excited and so ready!  And believe it or not, I was excited for him.  It wasn't like kindergarten, when I was a basket case.  He had such a wonderful time last year that I felt completely relaxed sending him to school again.  I miss him terribly while he is gone at school all day long, but I am happy for him.   I really like his teacher a lot.  (So far, she reminds me a lot of a very good friend of mine who used to teach at ABES.  I have always thought that friend would be the perfect teacher for Andrew).   I also really like the assistant teacher!

Before his first day of school, we asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  In kindergarten, he said a Jedi Knight.  This year he wants to be a Famous Writer.

 He came home from the first day of school and announced in a very serious voice, "Mom, first grade is WAY different than kindergarten!  Apparently, they do math AFTER lunch."  (Apparently is his new favorite word).

His teacher told me at the end of the first week that she was really enjoying Andrew.  That he laughed at all her jokes and was a very attentive and well behaved kid.  (The words every mother wants to hear.  At least the attentive and well-behaved part.  The fact that he inherited his dad's sense of humor is just an added bonus).

 We have started a tradition of giving a book to the new teacher when we meet them.  I asked Andrew what book he would like to give Mrs. Green.  He answered, "I don't know.  Do we have one called "Introducing Mrs. Green?"  I googled and actually found a children's book called "Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green" so we bought that one.  It is a really cute book about a married alligator couple who have fun adventures together.  It is very sweet.

When we went to meet Andrew's teacher he sat politely and answered her questions, until she mentioned she had Bionicle books in her classroom library.  Then he spent the rest of the time assessing the titles in her library.  He was happy to discover the library was "apparently filled with tons of chapter books....  And Mom, she had checkers and Battleship in her game center."  After that, he was pretty much convinced that First Grade was going to be even better than Kindergarten.

 I am not sure that any year could ever be better than kindergarten, but APPARENTLY, First Grade has potential to be just as good!  

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