Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Butterfly Farm

This weekend we went with my parents and sisters to the All a Flutter Butterfly Farm next to the Triad Farmer's Market. All morning long Molly kept saying she was going to go see Tinkerbell's Butterflies.  She was so excited.

It was a wonderful trip and I highly recommend a visit if you haven't been before!  The morning we went, there was a children's author who had written a book about butterflies. 

They have a little interactive presentation that is very educational and kept all 3 children's interest.  Andrew was chosen out of the audience to be the moth in the play.  A role he took "very seriously." 

There is  a large field with balls and frisbees we played with while we waited for our turn in the butterfly house. 

They also have this fun mister that the children (and adults) loved. 

When it was finally our turn to go see the butterflies, Andrew and Ryan enjoyed feeding them the sugar pads and having them land on their heads.

Poor Molly, who had been looking forward to meeting Tinkerbell's friends, was terrified of the butterflies.  She cried and scared them all away. 

We ended the field trip with a stop at the Farmer's market to eat lunch and eat ice cream!

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