Saturday, August 13, 2011

Second Annual Super Stupendous Summer Send-Off

The last Saturday before school started, our family headed out the door to say good-bye to summer in a fun way doing stuff around town.  Each kid got to choose a place to go.

Andrew chose to go to Toys R Us!  The Kruegers met us there for some fun in the store.   He Ryan were so excited to see that the Bionicles were Buy 1 get 1 Free.  (Bionicles is the new favorite at our house among the boys). 

Molly was in pink heaven.  She didn't have enough hands to touch or carry all she fell in love with.   The umbrella was a definite favorite!  But in the end she came home with a Tinkerbell doll.  (Tinkerbell is her newest obsession). 

We headed to Sonic for lunch with our free coupons from the library summer reading.  (Sorry, no pics). 
Then we were off to Ryan's choice...Bounce U. 

We headed next to Kimonos for dinner.  (Mommy and Daddy's choice).
 And we ended the day at Molly's choice.  Chick-fil-a for ice cream cones.  Three happy children! 


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