Sunday, October 30, 2011


Andrew Scribner as Harry Potter

 Ryan Scribner as Ron Weasley

(Yes...we did dye his hair red.  We actually dyed Andrew's hair "chocolate."  But you can't tell.  4 applications later, and he still has blonde hair. ).

 Mom as Hermione Granger

Blue Cinderella and Prince Charming

Pumpkin Carving

Andrew and Ryan did a great job cleaning out the insides of their pumpkins, choosing a design they wanted, and outlining their designs by poking holes through the stencils.  Ryan was very meticulous.  Then Chad, the pumpkin carving master, carved each one out for them.  Andrew chose the Harry Potter design.  Ryan wanted Voldemort's snake.  This is the closest we could find.   Carving pumpkins was a two day process.  We scooped them out one night, and then brought them down to Pinehurst and carved them out down there. 

Molly was so excited to buy our pumpkins.  All day long she sang, "I lova my pumpkin.  Pumpkin sooo pwetty.  We caw-ving da pumpkins!"  Until we actually opened them up.  Then she shrieked.  She cried.  She hid under the table.  She yelled, "No like the pumpkins.  They NOT pwetty!  No, no pumpkins!"   But when Daddy turned the yucky mess into "Blue Cinde-wella," the pumpkin was forgiven and she fell in love again.

One more pumpkin story.  We went to go get our pumpkins from Aldi after school one day.  Some friends had picked up very large pumpkins there for less than $3 a pumpkin.  When we got to the store, Ryan refused to get out of the car.  Would...not...budge.  I had read an article that morning about choosing peace, so I simply loaded the other 2 back in the car and  I drove him home.  I told Ryan that Daddy would take Molly and Andrew that night, but that he would have to stay home.  Ryan said he didn't care. While they were gone, he admitted that he did not think we should get pumpkins from Aldi, that pumpkins came from pumpkin patches and that he didn't want a "yucky Aldi pumpkin."   And, ironically, when Chad took the other 2 that evening, Aldi was out of pumpkins and he had to go to another store.  Ryan very smugly said to me , "See, that's why I didn't want to go to Aldi.  They don't have any pumpkins there.  It is not a pumpkin place!"

Monday, October 17, 2011

A-maze-ing Fall Fun!

We had a great time at Clodbuster's Corn Maze and Hayride this weekend!  What a fun trip! Andrew led us through the maze.  He only hit one dead end.  He got his dad's sense of direction.  Certainly not mine.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Karate Kids

The boys have started taking karate classes at a local community center once a week.  The class is very small, just 6 students, and pretty low key.  The Sensei is a wheelchair bound Vietnam War veteran and 8th degree black belt.   They love going to class and the week now revolves around how many days it is until karate class.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dixie Classic Fair 2011

"I Wide Hawsey!"

A local stable sponsored a Mother's Morning Out last week and offered free pony rides!  We headed over and met lots of friends for a super fun morning!   They had a bubble machine, hula hoops, and crafts to occupy the children while the moms waited in line for the kids' turns.  I am grateful that I didn't have to wrestle them for that entire time, but it still amuses me what we as moms do for our children. I waited in a 40 minute line while they played, so that THEY could ride a pony.

Ryan rode the horse first.  He told me on the way there and the entire 40 minutes that I waited in line that he was not riding a horse.  He was not interested.  Then, when it was our turn, he walked right over, put on the helmet and got on the horse.  And he loved it!  He didn't even complain AFTERWARDS saying that horses were boring and that coming there wasn't his choice (which is a habit that he has formed recently).  He actually enjoyed himself and has asked to go again!

Molly, on the other hand, was so excited about riding a horse.  She talked about it all morning long.  "I wide hawsey!"  Then, when we got there and the horse was white like Max in Rapunzel, her excitement could hardly be contained.  "I wide Max.  I Wapunzel.  I so pwetty.  Hawsey so pwetty."   That is until we actually set her on the horse.  Then she was TERRIFIED!  She cried, real tears flowing down her little cheeks.  I reached up to take her off the horse and she pushed my arm away and said, "NO! I wide hawsey!"  She would not get off the horse, even though she was scared.   She was so brave.    She started out the pony ride in tears, but she did not end that way.  She giggled as soon as the horse began to move.  She didn't want off when the ride was over.  She has asked several times a day since to "wide again."