Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Andrew and Ryan did a great job cleaning out the insides of their pumpkins, choosing a design they wanted, and outlining their designs by poking holes through the stencils.  Ryan was very meticulous.  Then Chad, the pumpkin carving master, carved each one out for them.  Andrew chose the Harry Potter design.  Ryan wanted Voldemort's snake.  This is the closest we could find.   Carving pumpkins was a two day process.  We scooped them out one night, and then brought them down to Pinehurst and carved them out down there. 

Molly was so excited to buy our pumpkins.  All day long she sang, "I lova my pumpkin.  Pumpkin sooo pwetty.  We caw-ving da pumpkins!"  Until we actually opened them up.  Then she shrieked.  She cried.  She hid under the table.  She yelled, "No like the pumpkins.  They NOT pwetty!  No, no pumpkins!"   But when Daddy turned the yucky mess into "Blue Cinde-wella," the pumpkin was forgiven and she fell in love again.

One more pumpkin story.  We went to go get our pumpkins from Aldi after school one day.  Some friends had picked up very large pumpkins there for less than $3 a pumpkin.  When we got to the store, Ryan refused to get out of the car.  Would...not...budge.  I had read an article that morning about choosing peace, so I simply loaded the other 2 back in the car and  I drove him home.  I told Ryan that Daddy would take Molly and Andrew that night, but that he would have to stay home.  Ryan said he didn't care. While they were gone, he admitted that he did not think we should get pumpkins from Aldi, that pumpkins came from pumpkin patches and that he didn't want a "yucky Aldi pumpkin."   And, ironically, when Chad took the other 2 that evening, Aldi was out of pumpkins and he had to go to another store.  Ryan very smugly said to me , "See, that's why I didn't want to go to Aldi.  They don't have any pumpkins there.  It is not a pumpkin place!"

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