Friday, December 9, 2011


The new Santa at our mall plays the banjo.  Yep, the banjo. 
Thankfully, he is actually very good. 
He also wears a very large bejeweled belt buckle.

 We happily waited in line. About 30 minutes.  We talked, looked at the displays.  Played a game on Daddy's phone.   Then we were offered the opportunity to purchase a FAST PASS to go to the head of the line!!!!!  Seriously!!!!  Who does this?  It annoyed me at the time, but as the week has passed, I have become increasingly angered by this concept.  Santa allows people to pay money to cut in front of all the other children waiting in line?  Santa wants to see children who pay extra money, more than those who are waiting to visit him for free?  Seriously? That is what we want our children to believe about Santa, the kind-hearted man who unselfishly gives a toy to all the children of the world each Christmas Eve?  It was offensive.  I am so grateful that none of the families we were waiting in line with chose to purchase one, either.  I was spared having to defend Santa's image in my children's eyes.       

 Molly was so excited to see Santa!  
But she was NOT interested in sitting on his lap.

 Andrew told Santa he wanted a Lego Harry Potter Express.  
Ryan told him he wanted the Ninjago Movie and Pokemon cards. 
Andrew also told him all about his Elf, Rocket who is at our house.  Andrew said that he didn't seem to know anything about Rocket, so maybe he was just one of Santa's helpers and not the real Santa. 

I finally convinced Molly to sit on the PURPLE chair, next to Santa. 
She told him she wanted a princess.

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Haylee said...

A fast pass for Santa? Lame! Who thinks up these things?