Friday, March 9, 2012

Marshmallow Wars

As all my fun ideas begin recently, this activity was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.  When I saw the idea of a surprising Daddy with a Marshmallow War, I knew my kids would love it!  

Andrew has written a description of the evening's events on his own.   As you can tell, he is really in to lists these days.

First, we made posters and warnings about enemy attacks. 

Second, we hung marshmallows below an arrow for Daddy.

Third, we got costumes on.  I wore an Army suit and war paint.  Molly and Ryan didn't want to dress up.  But, Molly did want war paint.   We practiced our best war faces for the camera.

Fourth, we watched tv and waited until Dad got here.

Fifth, when we heard the garage open, we hid.  Molly and Ryan hid behind one of the tables, and I hid in the bathroom.  We each had our own bag of marshmallows. 

Sixth, when Daddy opened the door, we threw marshmallows at him.  Then everybody threw marshmallows at everybody else. We got white all over us.

Seventh, since we made a BIG mess, we had to clean it up!  So we had a contest.  To see who could pick up the most marshmallows. Eighth,  we picked them up and I won the contest.

Ninth, I felt like it was very exciting.

Tenth, we ate dinner after the war. 

The End.  By Andrew (aka Acar)