Thursday, April 26, 2012

Molly's Pink Fairy Birthday Party

We turned our backyard into an enchanted garden for Molly's Fairy Party in celebration of her third birthday.   We held the party during our regular Mommy and Me time with just her little friends from our weekly group.  It sprinkled on and off, it was a little chilly, and worst of all our camera broke in the middle of the party and then the backup camera's battery died!!!!!  But in spite of all that, we still had a great time....and still managed to get some great pics of my little Fairy Princess, just not many of the ACTUAL party part with her adorable friends.

The Birthday Fairy 

  Entrance to the Fairy Garden
 As our guests arrived, we turned each girl into a fairy and each boy into an elf. 

Fairy Sensory Bin and Fairy Garden 

After the children put on their costumes, they played with fairies in a sensory bin and in our Fairy Garden we made for Molly's birthday.

Story Time
Once all of our guests arrived, we gathered under the canopy to read one of Molly's very favorite books, Alice the Fairy .

Flowers and Birdhouses

The children each decorated a birdhouse and planted a flower to bring home. 

Fairy Treats

We ate pink lemonade cupcakes with strawberry filling, pink chocolate strawberries, fairy wands made with grapes and marshmallows, and drank pink lemonade. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Molly's 3 Year Old Favorites

 I interviewed the birthday girl today and these were her unprompted and unedited answers. 

Food: Popsicles
Color:  Pink
TV Show:  My Little Pony
Movie:  The Muppets
Super Hero:Spider-man
Disney Princesses: Blue Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty
Song:   "I walked with you once upon a dream."
Best Friends: Mommy and Me "Fwiends"
Book:  Alice, The Fairy
Toy:  Princesses and Tinkerbelles
Outside Activity:  Swing  and "I like to eat gum."  (????)
Animal:  kitty cat
Favorite Place:   "Hogwarts to go swimming."  (??????)I think it is really swimming at the YMCA.
When I Grow Up...I want to "be Angelina Ballerina." 

Molly weighs 31  pounds. She is  35 1/4 inches tall.

Happy Birthday, my dear Molly-pop.  We had fun celebrating with you on your special day.  You requested eggs, grits, sausage, and strawberry milk for breakfast.  You were too excited to eat before you opened your presents from Mommy and Daddy!  You played with your new dolls all morning long.  We went to Kimono's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner with lots of family and then came home for pink cake.   You have been asking for a "pink happy birthday cake" for months.  After cake you got to open and play with your presents from the rest of your family.   You brought most of your gifts to bed with you.

On your 3rd birthday you love fairies, princesses, kitties, babies, dressing up, and playing pretend.  You love playing Super Heroes with your brothers. It is not uncommon for you to sword fight with your brothers while wearing a Spiderman costume, high heels, and beads.  You are very nurturing, love to give hugs, and are always the first person there to bestow kisses on boo-boos.   You are talking constantly and play well with friends and by yourself.   You are very obedient and sweet.  You are also very funny and love to be silly.   You love to color and paint.  You love music and love to dance.   You only want to wear dresses. 

We love you, Molly.  You are a such a wonderful blessing in our lives.