Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ryan's Five Year Old Favorites!

Food:  Peaches
Color:  Green
TV Show:  The Avengers (a cartoon on Netflix)
Movie:  The Avengers (a cartoon on Netflix)
Super Hero: Panther
Song: The Avengers Theme Song  
Best Friends: "All of them."
Book:  Amelia Bedelia
Toy:  Flap-Flap his pet scarlet macaw bird puppet
Sport:  "Unknown-That's another word for "I don't know."
Animals:  dogs, crows, Scarlet Macaws, and  Blue Jays
Favorite Place: Myrtle Beach 
When I Grow Up..." I want to be a Parakeet Trainer.  I want a bird that will copy me a lot."

Ryan weighs 35.8 pounds. He is 40.5 inches.

I can't believe my dearest little Ry-guy is five years old today!!!  Ryan is such a great kid.   He is very funny and likes to make his family and close friends laugh.  (Can't imagine where he gets that from).    His favorite person in the world to make laugh is still his big brother.   They have such a beautiful relationship with each other.  One I hope lasts their entire lives and into eternity.   Because of this special relationship, Ryan tends to gravitate towards the oldest child in any group we are in and plays with them.  (Even if that person is 11).   Ryan is also finding Molly to be a fun playmate and is enjoying her as she gets older and is able to play pretend with him. (They play Avengers together a lot)! 

Ryan is a smart guy and is starting to read already!  He knows lots of sight words and can read very simple books.  According to his art teacher, he is naturally talented as an artist.   Ryan is also very good at sports.  Ryan is learning to swim and is starting to take tennis lessons at his request.  Ryan is an excellent builder and problem solver with strong spatial reasoning skills.  He can do puzzles and build Lego sets and Magnatile creations as well as much older kids.   He has great fine motor skills and colors beautifully. 

My sweet Ry-guy, I love you!  I am so grateful that you are part of our family!   Your smile and laughter are a blessing in our home.   Happy Birthday!


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