Friday, April 13, 2012

Ryan's Pirate Party

Captain Ryan invited his Mateys to join him on a high sea adventure in our backyard for his 5th birthday party. 


X marks the party spot! 

As each crew member arrived, we gave them a bandana and an eye patch. 

The Party Games

Treasure Boxes 
 After they were properly attired, they worked on decorating treasure boxes for their pirate booty!

Message in a Bottle Treasure Hunt

Once our entire crew arrived, we set out to find treasure, following clues we found in bottles.  Each child got to open a bottle with a special map inside with a picture of the next location. 

Digging for Treasure 

Our maps led us to buried treasure.  Each pirate received a "treasure" bag with an attached picture list of items to search for in the sand.  After they found all of the items on the list, they brought them to a senior crew member to check their share of the loot! We hid ring pops, gold coins, necklaces, gems, compass rings, skeleton heads, and rolo candy.

Walk the Plank

Once we found all of our treasure, our pirates walked the plank.  And walked backwards on the plank, and "hopped on one foot" the plank.

Captain Says

The crew had to practice taking orders from Captain Dad in this fun game of "Captain Says."

Pirate Ship Cannon Battle

A talented young man from our ward made these awesome pirate ships!  The crew had a fabulous time throwing cannonballs at each other!

Birthday Treats


Rebekah said...

how fun!!!!

Janine said...

Thanks for throwing such a fun party. Cora had a blast!

Aleacia said...

lol, I love the picture of "Pirate Dad" with all the kids around him! Looks like it was a fun time!

PlainVanillaMom said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome party! Your sand table with the buried treasure brings back memories. My older son had the same one and we used to spend hours burying blue marbles (that looked just like the ones in your picture) for him to uncover. Nice job on the party and thanks for digging up that memory for me :)

Rebekah said...

What an awesome bday party for your son! He's a lucky little boy! I love all the plaful themed fun you created. Your son really likes adventurous toppings on his pizza! ;)