Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

The kids planned out a Star Wars Themed Breakfast for Daddy this morning.  They made a poster for him, bought (had me buy)  Star Wars Plates and Napkins, and pulled out all their Anakin and Darth Vader toys as decorations.

Ryan and Molly helped me make cinnamon cake.  Andrew made up his own recipe for a parfait creation.  Its ingredients included frozen blueberries, greek yogurt, gummy fruit snacks and peanut butter on top.  (His Daddy ate it all.  What a great dad)!   

 My kids LOVE Mad Libs recently, and so I had to print these cute Father's Day versions we found on pinterest.  I thought their answers were pretty cute.  They caused more than one or two laughs, and perhaps a snort or two. 




(In case you can't read Andrew's handwriting it says cardinal, owl, Italian Ice, 100 pound weight, spinach, went and watched a movie at the theater, 1,000, truckload of grapefruit, 30, 10).

As a Father's Day gift, the kids gave Chad this picture frame to take to his office.

We love you, Chad.  We are grateful to have you as the Dad in our home.  You are a wonderful dad and always put us first.  Thank you for being the good example you are to our children. I am grateful that you are the one who will teach our sons and our daughter what it means to be man. 

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