Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Hope They Call (My Sister) on a Mission

Emily received her call.  We knew it was coming in the mail sometime this week, so we made preparations for a letter opening party. 

My sisters came over and made cake balls on Tuesday.  Andrew loved helping mash up the cake, raspberries, and frosting.   Rachel and Emily painted the continents in green, after we had dipped them in blue.  (The store didn't have blue, so we tried to dye it blue...using liquid drops!  Oops!  That is why the blue oceans look so wave-like).

We made a fun banner together, too.  What is a party without cake and decorations?

We waited and waited. Finally the letter arrived Friday afternoon.  We headed over to Nana and Papa's house.  Everyone made guesses of where we thought she was going. 

No one was correct!!!

Emily, we are so very proud of you.  You will be an amazing missionary.  Although I selfishly have to admit, it will be a very long 18 months without you.  We will miss you like crazy.  However, it reminds me of a quote a friend of mine has in her home.  "Missionaries leave their families for (18 months), so that others may have their families for eternity." 

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