Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List-More of Week Two

Our second week of summer vacation was as busy as the first! (As posted previously we went to Hanging Rock and celebrated Father's Day).  

We enjoyed visiting Nanie Too-Too and taking her out to breakfast at IHOP.  Bucket List #20. 

We went to Monkey Joe's in Cary for Masen and Madylen's' birthday party.  This happened to be on our bucket list, too.  Number 9.  (The lighting there is horrible.  This is the only shot I caught).  The kids had such a great time!

We went to the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh, too.  Bucket list number 25.

We spent a lot of time the second week (and every week)  doing #76 on our list, spend time outdoors at home doing whatever we want! 

Number 77 Make Marshmallow Catapults! These were so fun, and so easy to make!

Make Shrinky Dinks #48  The kids were excited to make these, but the only ones in town we could find were Tinkerbell ones.  The boys were good sports though and enjoyed making them for Molly. 

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Brooke Thompson said...

Wow, I wish you were my mommy!