Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Bucket List- Week 1

Andrew's last day of school was on Tuesday this week. Reason Number 147 why I love our school?  The last day of school is field day and a combined class party for the whole school!  We are a small enough school that it works well that way.  The grade parents of each class are responsible for one game.  The children rotate through with their teachers and any parents who want to join in the fun.  Then we end back in the classroom for a pizza lunch and hugs goodbye!  (And the parents don't have to come to the school for two different events the last weeks of school). 

Before school ended, the kids and I had created a Summer Bucket List.  There are 75 items on the bucket list so far.  I do not think we will get to all of them, but we are going to try and get as many done as possible.

That evening, we did Bucket List Number 74: Have An All Kinds of Potatoes Party.  (This one was Andrew's idea).

I let them watch a movie while I got everything ready.

Andrew was so excited and surprised.  I love that something so simple can make them so happy.  

 We had potato chips, hasbrowns, potato skins, mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, potato salad, shoestring potatoes, and Sweet Potato Molasses Rolls.  For dessert we had Andrew's favorite dessert, lemon cake.

Molly and Ryan were so cute about the party.  Molly kept telling Andrew "Happy Birthday!"  Ryan insisted that Andrew get the first slice of cake, because it was his special day.

After the Potato Palooza, we snuggled up for an indoors sleepover and movie night.  

Wednesday, we had fun playing at home all morning.  That afternoon we went to get haircuts and then out for pizza. (Somehow those pictures have disappeared in thin air).

Thursday we did Summer Bucket List Number 14: Go to Old Salem.  My cousin, Gina, came and took beautiful portraits  of my kids.  (I will share them next week).  Here are a couple of shots I took with my camera after the photo shoot.

We left Old Salem and headed next door to the Winston-Salem Children's Museum for Bucket List #16.

(I left my big camera in the van, so I only had my phone to take pics with.  Not great quality).

Friday, we worked in the garden and played outside all morning.  That afternoon, Emily and Rachel came by so that Rachel could give Molly her very first haircut.  (trim)

We went to Krispy Kreme (Number 23 on the Summer Bucket List) to celebrate afterwards!

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to the pool (Number 30 on our Summer Bucket List is to go swimming no less than 10 times this summer. I am sure it will be more, but we are definitely going at least once a week).

Saturday night we did Summer Bucket List #11- Go to a DASH Baseball game!  The weather could not have been more perfect! Our team won, we ate yummy ball park food, and had great company!  The boys even ran the bases at the end of the game!

 However one very strange thing did happen.  When we arrived at the game, Andrew hopped out of the van.  His legs were covered with hives.  Hives that had not been there when we got in the van to come to the game.  As we walked towards the gates, they multiplied.  By the time we got to the first aid stand for Benadryl, his arms and legs were covered.  Never any on his face, never any on his tummy or back.  We have no idea what he was having an allergic reaction to.  He had one just like this a year ago.  By the time he woke up in the morning, they were gone.

Number 75 on our bucket list is to read 1000 books this summer in 10 weeks.  We read 100 this week, so we are on our way!

Number  66 is to memorize 10 scriptures.  We memorized the first this week!

We have had a fun, but exhausting week.  This week many of our bucket list items are things that we are doing at home.  (Thank goodness)!!!

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Gina said...

I'd love to read your whOle list!! What awesome ideas!