Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Bucket List-Week 3

Another super fun summer break week at our house!  We got a few bucket list items checked off, and a couple of fun things NOT on our list. 

First, we CELEBRATED THE BIRTHDAY OF THE MOST AMAZING 20 YEAR OLD I know! Happy Birthday, Rachel!!  The kiddos and I met the Krueger Fam at Burger King for lunch.  That night the grown-ups went alone to Melting Pot. 


Our family is participating in a book exchange program.  It is kind of like being pen pals.  We send a book and several activities to go with the book in the mail to another family, and they send one to us.  We finished ours up this week and mailed it off!  Hope they love it.  We shared one of our favorite books, Spoon.  We included lots of spoon activities: marshmallow spoon catapults, spoon puppet theater, pudding and spoons, and chopsticks for cotton ball relays (because there are chopsticks in the story, too).  Can't wait to see which book they send us!


We went with our cousins to the butterfly farm. It was a lot of fun....for everyone but Molly.  Molly is not fond of bugs.  Even beautiful ones that fly.  No, she is terrified of them.  So, when it was time to go into the butterfly house, she played with some friends of ours who happened to show up the same day, too.  (Thanks, Kim).  As soon as we drove up, she remembered the place from a year ago (she was only 2 then).  "I am going to pway wif da Pwincess ball!"  Somehow she remembered there was a princess ball there.  She ran right over, dug to the bottom of the box, and found it. 

There was also a tv reporter there the same day.   He had asked Alex, my nephew, if he wanted to wear a microphone and be on tv.  Alex very politely said "No, thank you."  Andrew said he was willing to do it.  So they put the microphone on Andrew's shirt, and my son became mute.  Would not talk, laugh, smile.  Until they took it off.  Then he was his normal outgoing self again.  They did manage to catch him on camera a couple of times.  I am including the video here.  Just click on the link.  Everyone but Ryan makes an appearance in the news report.   He managed to successfully dodge the cameraman the entire time.


After the butterfly farm, we headed to the Farmers Market for lunch.  The kids each chose a favorite treat to bring home, too.  Andrew chose nectarines, Molly chose blackberries, and Ryan chose honey comb. 


We went with friends on Friday to Reynolda Gardens.  We bought more blackberries and had a wonderful time climbing trees and exploring the gardens. 

And I had to include one more of Andrew.  He is reading the series The Guardians of Ga'Hoole.  The books are about battle warrior owls.  This is Andrew pretending to be his favorite owl character from the book. 


Catching lightning bugs is one of my favorite childhood memories.  We let the children stay up late one night this week to chase lightning bugs.  Altogether we caught 6.  We managed to hold onto 4.  Did you know it is really hard to take pics of kids chasing fireflies?  Don't really have any that turned out at all!  We placed them in a jar and used them as a night light until the kids fell asleep.  Then Chad released them outside.  Andrew also lost his 2nd tooth that night!


Saturday afternoon, after we got all of our Saturday type chores completed, we headed to the movies.  All three kids loved the movie.  (But Molly said she also thought is was scawy).  I liked the movie, too.  (But didn't find the naked bums on all the men appropriate in a children's movie.  It was completely unnecessary.  I was very disappointed.  What was Disney thinking?!?!?!?). 

We already have a fun week lined up ahead for week 4.  This summer is going by way too fast!! I am not ready for them to go back to school! 

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