Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cousin Camp 2012

Friday we held our third annual COUSIN CAMP (Bucket List # 80).  10 of the cousins were able to be there! Don't you love the t-shirts.  Natalie designed and made them for us!

Here is our Camp Schedule. 


It has become a Cousin Camp tradition to open the day with a Freeze Dance Party.  This year, we did it outside for the first time and included hula hoops into the fun!

I discovered that my niece Natalie and my nephew Masen have AMAZING HULA HOOP skills! 

Grandma even tried her hand at Hula Hooping!

Molly wanted to Hula Hoop, too.  She decided the easiest way to do this would be to stand in the middle of the hoop and ask Natalie to spin the hoop around her!


How can you have camp without trail mix?  The cousins enjoyed making their own mixes and eating them together in the tent. 

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Each cousin was given a paper bag with an attached scavenger hunt list and went on a search for nature items in the front and back yard.

Water Play and Messy Play

After the scavenger hunt, we headed inside and changed into swim suits for water play and a Messy Party (Bucket List #62)!

Slip and Slides was Bucket List # 64.

The boys "captured" Natalie and locked her away in their base...until Jen and I came to her rescue.  :)

We had a great time with Water pinatas!

I made Cloud Dough (Bucket List #68).  The littlest girls enjoyed playing pretend together.

And we painted each other with "washable" body/war paint.  (It was washable if you peeled off a layer of skin).  :)

Molly spent the most time with the paint.  She covered every inch of her body that she could reach herself. 

Andrew tried to paint himself completely black so that he could look like a wolf!


The goal of lunchtime seems to be how hard one can get their cousins to laugh.  (After lunch, Molly asked to take a nap, so I let her.  But I was sad that she missed out on some of the fun).

You can't possibly have camp without silly camp songs!  Natalie was very sweet and taught all of us some of the silliest camp songs ever!  

Arts and Crafts

We enjoyed the shade of a tree while we made pet rocks, decorated frames, and made door hangers.

Free Time and Outside Play

The kids enjoyed playing in the backyard together for a large part of the afternoon...until it started to rain!  They did tricks on the swing set, jumped on the trampoline, launched marshmallow catapults, and played badminton.  

Then the skies opened up with no warning and it began to pour!  The aunts ran outside and did the quickest tent take down EVER in the midst of a thunderstorm!


Of course we ate S'mores as our afternoon snack! Messy, messy, S'mores. 


The cousins made movies based on two of the songs Natalie taught us.  It was a little chaotic getting them organized, but they turned out cute.  How could they not with such adorable stars?

 (These are being uploaded to youtube and I will post them in the morning).


We ended up not eating dinner together because the pizza place we had ordered from lost power in the storm.  It was a wonderful day and my kids are already planning for next year! 


Michelle said...

WOW! So wonderful. Loved all the pictures and knowing all the activities that took place. Great job Danielle!

EmilyASwanson said...

It was so fun! I love all the photos! I will have to get some of those from you. Thank you for everything Danielle

jackie said...

Wow! Awesome activities, and your photos are great! What a wonderful tradition! The cousins will remember these special times always!