Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List-Week 4

Where on earth is time going?  I cannot believe we have finished the 4th week of Summer Vacation.  I want time to slow down.  I am not ready for school to start.  I am not ready for Ryan to go to Kindergarten.  I am not ready for Andrew to be in second grade.  I am not ready for them to be gone all day long.  And I am not ready for life to be dictated by school pick up time.  I love having my children at home with me. 

On Monday, we enjoyed running grocery errands together and unscheduled time hanging out at home with friends in the afternoon. We also had a fun family home evening about helping each other.


Tuesday was a lovely 80 degrees.  It was the perfect day to zoo for the day with my sister, Rachel.  It was WONDERFUL!   Molly's favorite animal was the flamingo..."Cause 'day' PINK! "  Ryan loved the ocelots.  Andrew's favorites were of course anything that had wings and could fly.  We met a wonderful volunteer in the aviary who loved birds as much as Andrew. 

On Wednesday, we stayed home again.  Most of our day was unstructured for free time, but we did start the morning off with ....


I set up tons of paint supplies in the driveway with large sheets of paper taped to the ground.  The children spent over 2 hours painting with brushes, ice painting, spray bottle painting, and sponge painting.  They painted on paper, the easel, the driveway, and on found items outside.   They had free reign with the materials.  Our only rule was no painting on someone else's work.  We ended the morning with a little art show. 

Thursday our cousins and Aunt Jen and Aunt Emily went to ...

Bucket List Number 10: 

All of us loved it.  Even I got to bounce, play, and jump into the foam pit.  I was sore the next day and the children slept hard and long.  It was a fabulous work out!  It is an expensive place, not one we will go to on a weekly basis, but it was fun and worth the money! (The pics do not do in justice.  It is very difficult to take pics of jumping beans!   Sorry Bounce U, but this place has you beat, hands down! 

On Friday, we spent the day home as well.  It was over 100 degrees outside, so it was the perfect day to do....

Bucket List Number 60: MAKE BOOKS

This was one of Andrew's contributions to the list.  He loves to make books!  He is a prolific writer.  He especially likes to make books filled with lists.  But on Friday, he created an original fiction book about a yellow ninja.  Our whole family were characters.  Ryan wrote a book about Bionicles.   Molly and I created a number book together, using stamps and stickers.

Friday night the kids had a movie night with Daddy while I went to see Xanadu the play with my mom and sisters. 

Saturday, the kiddos and Chad cleaned the church together in the morning.  That evening the kids went to Nana's house for a pizza and root beer float party.  (Chad and I went on a date)!!!  Thanks, Mom and Rachel!

 Now....time  to go to bed so I can start bucket list number 72 in the morning!

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