Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Bucket List-Week 5

I am sad to announce that we are officially more than half way through our summer.  Tomorrow begins week 6 of our ten week summer break.  We had a very busy and fun week!

I have already posted here about bucket list Number 6 Throw a Fourth of July Party!!!   So I won't bore you with any more details about all of that fun!

I have also already blogged on my Mommy and Me Website about bucket list Number 72: Enjoy the Fun Activities Our Book Exchange Friends Send UsWe had such a fun time opening a box full of fun book inspired activities this week!  I will post a couple of pics here, but you can click over to the Book Club Blog to get all the details if you are interested.

Part of our Summer plans include not letting the Summer Slide occur.  (You know, when kids lose all they learned during the year because they are stagnant all summer).  Most weekdays, the kids do several learning activities and the boys do some workbook pages during rest.  We are also doing fun learning games. We spend about an hour each day focusing on key skills.  (And another hour most days reading).   Summer Bucket List Numbers 52, 53, and 54 are learning goals for the children.  Molly is trying to learn her ABCs.  Ryan is trying to learn all of the first grade site words, and Andrew is trying to increase his speed with math facts.  We played this fun game inspired by my fave kids website, Toddler Approved.  We did a Super Hero Pow game with POP-ITS, those fun noise makers you can find everywhere around fourth of July.  The kids all dressed in costume.  I wrote 7 letters on the ground for Molly.  If she could tell me the letter, she got to throw the pop it at it.  Ryan threw "bombs" at site words, Andrew at math facts.  They enjoyed it for a little bit.  But it was hot outside, and the Pop-it weren't REAL bombs, like the boys had thought.  Still a fun activity, but not as cool as they had hoped. 

 On Friday, we headed to Greensboro for Bucket List Number 13: Visit the Children's Museum in Greensboro.  We decided at the spur of the moment to go, and posted on facebook very late Thursday night to see if anyone wanted to join us.  One family of friends met us there.  The kids had a great time! It was our very first visit there, but won't be our last!  And best of all, we got in free because we have a pass to the Winston-Salem Museum!  Hooray for free activities!

There is a REAL firetruck parked there the kids can climb on and play on.  And a play train, and a plane cockpit that you climb into and slide out of!

They have a pretend Fresh Market, where Molly filled an entire cart with peaches and cheese...her two favorites.  Even as peaches were falling out and rolling across the floor, she insisted on loading in even more!  Andrew made a great cashier.  Though his totals were a bit high.  2 million 3 hundred and 78 dollars is a bit more than I usually spend a week.  Even if lately it seems like pretty close...especially if I shop at Whole Foods or Fresh Market!

Molly and Andrew fell in love with the Community Theater Stage play area.  They dressed in costume, danced, played instruments, and put on plays.  Andrew directed and starred in all of his own plays. 

Ryan DID NOT like the theater room.  He did not want to be on stage in front of people.  He buried his head in my lap.  Then I pointed out the light and sound board behind us.  He jumped up and had a great time controlling those.  Then suprisingly, after about 15 minutes, he went up on stage, put on a Harry Potter robe and played the drums.

An adorable farmhouse replica was more Ryan's speed and was his favorite place.  He had a picnic, gathered eggs, and explored the farm house.  He had no desire to move to other areas once we got there.  

Andrew's favorite was the TV Station.  He jumped back and forth between new anchor, weatherman, and my favorite...Sportscaster.  Two older boys came in, put on uniforms, and began miming a football game.  Andrew gave a detailed play by play in extremely technical and accurate terms. Okay, not really.. It was more like this.  "The footballers are fighting over the ball."  "They pushed one team to the ground. They are wrestling.  This is exciting.  Who will get the ball?"  "They scored a  point!" 

Molly seemed to love painting the very best!

After our visit to the museum, we picked up lunch and brought it to Nanie Too-Too's home to share.  This was a bucket list item from a couple of weeks ago, but it is one we hope to repeat several times this summer! We enjoyed our time there, so much!  Andrew sat for the very first time, and asked questions to Nanie, instead of running off to play.  He learned about her childhood, one room school house, outhouses, and siblings.  He loved it.  The children enjoyed themselves so much, that they were a bit silly when it came time for pics.   I am so grateful that Nanie is feeling better and is at home from the hospital. My children are so very blessed to have both of my grandmothers here to get to know, to love, and to learn from. 

Saturday was a Bucket List item we have been anxiously awaiting for awhile!  Numbers 21 and 8: Visit Grandma and Grandpa's New house AND go to Masen's Baptism!!!! What a sweet experience to be able to be there with a cousin who was getting baptized!  Due to distance and cost, Chad and I have only been able to go to one of our nieces or nephews' baptisms previously.  This was the only cousin baptism our children had been to so far! I got to lead the music and Chad was able to stand in the circle to help give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  Masen, we love you.  Thank you for inviting us to be part of your sacred and special day.  We are proud of you. 

 (Notice that Molly is holding a blue doll she received from Aunt Lara Friday.  Bwue Baby Cindawella went with us to a farewell party Friday night, to the baptism on Saturday, and to church today.   She was in Molly's hands at all times.  With the exception of when she willingly (but cautiously) offered to share her with Amelia).

Isn't Emily gorgeous?  I don't know of any other woman who looks that radiant 9 months pregnant. 

Somehow we managed to spend the entire afternoon and night at the new house without taking a single picture!!!!!  I will make sure to do better when we head down again in two weeks!  The house is incredible and the remodeling they are doing is even more amazing.  I have extremely talented in-laws.  What a fun place it will be for Scribner family gatherings. 

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