Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Bucket List-Week 6

I feel like Grover in the Monster at the End of this Book.  PLEASE, PLEASE don't turn another page.  I don't want summer to be over.  How is it we are already finished with 6 out of ten weeks?  Perhaps I can build a brick wall to stop the summer from progressing any further.  Tie it with ropes?  Nail it shut with boards? 

Summer Bucket List #45: Make Food For Someone Else
 (I am not sure this is what the kids had in mind when they created the list, but I am counting it)!!! :) 

As a family we read this wonderful book called Bagels from Benny. It wasn't a story I was familiar with at all.  Andrew chose it off of a shelf at the library. I am so glad he did!

 It is about a young man who leaves bagels in his synagogue to give to God.  In the end, he discovers that a homeless man has been eating the bagels, and at first is disappointed, until he learns the lesson that helping others is helping God.  

We were inspired by the book to make bagels as a family and bring them to the homeless day shelter next to the boys' school.  (I had already edited these pics for a post on our Mommy and Me blog later in the week.  Sorry for the words all over these pics).

When we brought the bagels to the shelter, we also brought bottled water and freezer pops.  We arrived while they were having a scripture study.  The guests at the shelter seemed so happy to see the children, and were so kind to them.  I thought afterwards, that they probably don't get a lot of interaction with children.  Molly came in carrying one of the bottles of water.  One of the men asked her if he could have it, and she walked right over to him and handed it to him.  She is not shy in the least!   

Summer Bucket List Number 51: Go Roller Skating! 

We went with our cousins to go roller skating this week.  There weren't very many other people, which was perfect, since we had not been skating since last summer and the kids pretty much had to start from scratch.  Ryan was cautious, but got the hang of it pretty quickly. 

 Andrew stomped and ran on his skates pretty well, too.

And Molly. Well, Molly was an entirely different story.  This is Molly after she got the hang of skating by holding onto my hand around the rink a couple of times, falling, getting back up, and leaving large bruises on my legs from her skates.  She was an impressive little skater for a three year old in skates too big for her feet.

And this is Molly also. No, she is not holding her arm because she got hurt falling down.  No, Molly didn't cry any of the times she fell.  She stood right back up and kept going.  Oh no.  This is Molly when she decided she could skate ALL BY HERSELF and DID NOT want Mommy!  This is Molly SCREAMING at Mommy to get off "da bwown skating wink and onto the bwack carpet!"  If I even tried to step onto the floor, she screamed like a banshee at me and pointed at me to go away.  She did the same thing when Ryan came within 20 feet of her.  A very kind older kid offered to help her.  She refused to let him.  She only wanted to skate by herself!  If we left her alone, she was happy as a lark.

Then Andrew came skating by.  Look at that stinker's outstretched hand to him.  Unfortunately, neither of them are strong enough skaters to couple skate.  They ended up in a heap on the ground 5 seconds later.  Then Molly decided that perhaps she was better off alone, after all. 

Some other moms at the rink told me that this is just the beginning of normal girl drama.  Oh, let's hope not! 

A fun activity we did this week that was NOT on our bucket list, was go to visit our new nephew Everett  in the hospital.  All day long, Molly was super excited to see him.  Every few minutes she would ask if it was time to go see the baby yet. 

Molly did not really want to share the baby with her brothers. 

Ryan thought he was cute...but did not want to share ME with the baby.  I hogged the baby and wouldn't let anyone else have a turn spent a lot of time holding Everett.  Ryan came over and whispered in my ear.  "Mommy, I need you to hold ME now!"  I really thought it would be Molly who would feel a little jealous, not my five year old.

Summer Bucket List Item # 1 is go to the library every week this summer, which we have managed to do so far. 

We are now at the point that we are bringing 4 bags to the library.  I would say it was insane, but we are actually reading that much.  Because Summer Bucket List Item # 75 is Read ONE THOUSAND books this summer! I am not sure if we will make it, but we are trying. 

Also, not a bucket list item, but we celebrated my 37th birthday this week.  There are zero pictures of that, by choice.  We did something a little different this year for my birthday.  As a family, we spent the day doing 37 random acts of kindness.  I have to say that it was probably the best birthday ever!  I got the idea from a website called, The Birthday Project. I think it is going to be my new birthday tradition. 

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