Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 8B Bucket List: Grandpa Bud Visits!

Grandpa Bud came in town for the weddings this week and made time to see us, too!  It has become our tradition to go to Chuck E. Cheese with him each time he is in town.  It is the only time we ever go, so the kids think of it as their special place with him.  They love it!  (and it also happened to be BUCKET LIST NUMBER 79.

We went home so Molly could take a nap and the boys had fun playing with Grandpa Bud outside.  Andrew wanted to do BUCKET LIST #59: Draw with side walk chalk on the trampoline.

After naps, we headed to Cold Stone, which is Bucket List # 24.  

The next day, we headed together to Bucket List # 26, Pilot Mountain for a Breakfast Picnic, Bucket List # 36!

Thanks to my parents, Chad and I were able to attend my cousin Derrick's wedding on Thursday, and my cousin Carrie Ann's wedding on Saturday, where we were also able to see Grandpa Bud!  Both weddings were beautiful and it was wonderful to spend time with my dad, cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandmother. 

Derrick and his beautiful bride, Ashley.

Carrie Ann and my Uncle Donnie

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