Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adios Fiesta!

 We threw Emily a going away Fiesta the Saturday before she headed off to the MTC. 

As guests arrived, we asked them to make a Worry Doll for Emily, with a note written inside. Worry Dolls are a Guatemalan tradition.  Children make these small dolls to tell their worries to at night and then place them under their pillows.  She took these cuties with her on her mission. 

Of course we had to eat at our Fiesta!  We had enchiladas, rice, chicken, beans, veggies, and lots of fruit.  We served flan and Tres Leches cake for dessert.

After everyone finished eating, we headed outside to hit a PINATA! 

 This cute little guy managed to break open the pinata.  Everyone dashed for the candy, of course. 

There were still lots of people who didn't get to hit the pinata, so they just took turns beating his head. 

 We ATTEMPTED to play a fun hat game.  It is played in a similar way to musical chairs.  Each person begins with a hat and passes the hat to the person beside them.  One hat is taken out of play. When the music stops, the person without a hat is out.  This is what is SUPPOSED to happen.  

We started out well.  We each put a hat on our head and managed to form a circle. 

The adults got the hang of it and started out well. 

 However somewhere along the way we kind of bottle necked.  And hats seemed to multiply.  At one point I was holding 6 hats!  And several people had none.  We tried a couple of times to get it going, but in the end, we gave up and just had fun laughing together.  And the kids just had fun playing with all of the crazy hats!

Emily got pictures with all the guests before they left....all the guests EXCEPT for the Kruegers and Scribners.  

 We love you Emily!

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