Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day(s) of School 2012-2013

 The boys had their first day of school this week.  

Andrew was excited about starting second grade.  When we arrived at school to drop him off at the classroom, he pretty much pretended we did not exist.  There were no pictures, simply a wave good-bye.....and NO HUGS!!!!!  I asked him about it after school.  He said he didn't want to hug in front of all those people.  He says he is too old now.  But he still gave us plenty of hugs the rest of the evening to make up for it!  When did he get too old for that?!?!?!?  So sad. :( 

Don't let Ryan's smile here fool you.  The night before, he didn't want Chad to give him his back to school blessing.  He thought if he didn't get one, he wouldn't have to go to school.  (We finally convinced him to let Chad give him one).  He spent the hour previous to this picture telling us he was not going to school, he didn't want to go to school ever, and that his tummy hurt really bad.  He laid in the middle of the bathroom floor all morning long until I dressed him in his school clothes while he remained on the floor.  We convinced him to drink a few sips of his special first day of school smoothie.   Chad gave him a great pep talk about butterflies in his tummy and being nervous.  We pushed him out the door and snapped a few pics.  

Daddy made both boys special Iron Man lunches to celebrate the first day. 

Ryan still felt a little hesitant when we arrived at school.  But he hugged Daddy good-bye and started to do a puzzle.  Chad and I walked into the lobby and chatted with a couple of parents.  10 minutes later the school secretary comes to tell me that Ryan has thrown up in the classroom.  I go and clean the room and bring my little guy home.  At this point he tells me he feels much better and would like to stay at school.  He said he wanted to go to recess and play with new friends.  I explained to him rule number one of school: You throw up.  You go home.  He was happy and healthy the rest of the day.  He had just worked himself up so much that he threw up.  Poor guy.  He has been frightened at the idea of starting school since his birthday in April.  

Aunt Emily came over that morning, and she and Molly made these cute cookies for my 2 aspiring ninjas to celebrate the first day of our new school year.  I think they did a great job!  The boys loved eating them after school.

On Friday, Ryan got a second try at his first day of school.  His class has a staggered entry where a third of the class comes for one day of the first week, then everyone starts on Monday.  So Ryan didn't miss out on anything by coming on Friday with the last group of children.  He was ready to go and did not cry.  When we got to the school, he got a little nervous again and didn't want to get out of the car.  But he eventually went in, hugged us good-bye, and had a vomit free morning!

When Ryan got home the first thing he told me was that he had not had to go to time out.  Then he declared his first day the BEST DAY EVER! Then clarified that Christmas was first, school was second, and his birthday was third.  So glad he had a better day.  He made a new friend and talked about her all weekend long.    Hopefully he goes happily in the morning.  

Chad made a second special lunch for the boys on Friday, since Ryan didn't get to eat his Iron Man one at school.  He is such a fabulous Daddy. 

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