Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 10 Bucket List

We headed to the park at the beginning of the week for Bucket List # 28, PLAY TENNIS.  We also fed the ducks while we were there.

Not a Bucket List Item, but we attended an Olympics Party this week.  My children have fallen in love with the Olympics and have each chosen a sport they plan on competing in.  Andrew plans to either row, swim, or play badminton.  Ryan wants to dive. (He told his Aunt Emily that when he grew up and was an Olympian, he would wave to her so she would know who he was.  He was worried she might not recognize him since he will be so old).   Molly wants to do gymnastics.  So when they got to attend their own Olympics, compete for medals and be part of a country's team, they were thrilled.  Andrew chose to be Japan, and so did his siblings.

 Molly loved hurdle jumping!

 Ryan was very excited about getting a medal, until he looked out at the audience.  Stage fright won.

 Andrew was also thrilled...can't you tell?  This is is serious game face these days.  He told me athletes were very serious. We are trying to talk to him about smiling more often.  

The next day, we held our Kindergarten is FIN-Tastic party (Bucket List 65) at our home.  I will just post a sneak preview here.  The rest I will be putting up on our Mommy and Me blog later this week.  I will add a link here, then. 

Later, that same day, Ryan met his teacher.  She came to our home for a visit.  We gave her cookies and a book Ryan had chosen as a gift, The Duckling Gets A Cookie?!? by Mo Willems.  She opened the book and Ryan read almost all of it to her.  He did a great job reading.  He was a little goofy at the visit after that.  He gets very silly when he is nervous or shy.  

 Speaking of being silly, in the inside of his card to his teacher, Ryan wrote, "Don't Eat Me!"  (Inspired by another favorite book, Don't Eat the Teacher by Nick Ward).

Ryan has the same teachers his big brother had in kindergarten.  I adore them and could not be more thrilled! 

On Friday morning, we went to the school to meet with Andrew's second grade teacher.  She was very nice.  And Andrew is excited that one of his best school buddies is in his class this year.

He gave his teacher cookies and the first book in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series.  (And no, I did not prompt him to write that on the front of his card)!

 His letter said, "Hello. We study Japan and Africa in second grade, right? I hope so!  Wow! 185 days, just like last year.  My favorite color is yellow.  My favorite fruit is pineapple. I am very excited about school. From Andrew"

Andrew was very funny with his visit, too.  He was very shy.  When he did talk, he managed to tell the teacher he liked to play war video games????, reading was his favorite thing to do, and that he liked to read books about wars and ninjas.  (We were very quick to share that Andrew likes to play Lego Star Wars....not Halo.  And only for 30 minutes once a week).  

Andrew read all 16 books of the  Guardians of Ga'Hoole books this summer, so he had a little party (Bucket List 19) with another friend who had also read the books this summer.  They played Guardians, watched the movie, ate pizza, and had strawberry cheesecake (AKA Milkberry pie...a favorite of the owls in the story).

I traveled with my sister and parents to Washington DC this weekend for Bucket List # 7.  It was originally planned as a big trip for Chad and the kids, too.  We were going to take the kids to the temple we were married in, the monuments, Capitol, and to the Smithsonian Space museum, our one big overnight trip this summer.  But at the last minute, Chad had an opportunity to see his sister who lives out of the country. He never gets to see her and misses her a lot, so he and the kids went to spend a day with her and had a wonderful time.  They got to meet their cousin Zane, for the first time, too.  They loved making him laugh.

I was so grateful I had the chance to be at the temple with my sister as she prepares to serve a mission for 18 months.  I know I say every week how proud I am of her and her decision.  But I can't help it, I am so excited for her and for the families in Guatemala who get to meet this amazing woman my baby sister has become. I tell everyone I meet about it!  Being in the temple with her is by far one of the sweetest experiences of my life.  I am thankful I got to be there with her.  She is amazing.  

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