Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 9 Bucket List

I didn't get week 9 up last week, so these are a little late.  We don't have a lot of pics for week 9, but we had a lot of fun.  We read lots and lots of books to try and reach our goal of 1000 by Labor Day (Bucket List 75).   We had THREE different play dates this week (Bucket List 41).    One included watching The Princess Bride for the very first time with our friends, the Westbrooks!  The kids loved could they not.  (We selectively muted a choice word at the end). We went swimming (Bucket List 30)   and played outside lots (Bucket List 76).  I just didn't take pics of those things.  Didn't realize what a slacker I had been until I went to write this post. 

As far as things I did get pics of?  Andrew wrote a script for a movie and our entire family performed and filmed a movie together (Bucket List #42).  Chad and I played a wicked witch and wizard.  Molly was a princess we kidnapped, and Andrew and Ryan were ninjas who battled us to free the princess.  It was actually kind of cute. 

On Saturday night, we met up with some friends at the DASH game. (Bucket List #11) Coincidentally, all 3 kids from church in the same class as Ryan at school were there.  We had two rows of empty seats in front of us, so friends joined us. The kids enjoyed cotton candy and running bases after the game.

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