Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dixie Classic Fair 2012

Molly loved riding this roller coaster with her Nana!

 Ryan loved driving the bumper cars.

 Can't you tell? 

 So did Aunt Rachel!

 And Papa!

 When Ryan, Molly, and Chad went into the fun house, Andrew and Rachel hid outside to surprise them when they came out!

Really wishing we had purchased this fun hat! 

 Or this one. 

 Or maybe this one?

 Andrew's favorite ride is the swings.  He is so happy to be tall enough to ride!

Molly's favorite are the horsies.

Though she is quite fond on the miniature swings, too!

Ryan loved the tornado!  (And Daddy loves Ryan, so he rode it with him.  A week later and his wrist still feels it)! 

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