Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012

Andrew decided he wanted to be Metal Beak,  a character from the book series Guardians of Ga'Hoole.  A friend was kind enough to help me design and make the cape together and she made the shoes.  Then Chad figured out how to make the helmet and drew this awesome mask on felt.   Andrew was pleased with how it turned out.  

Ryan decided he wanted to be a Ninja!  He had so much fun being a ninja and even gave himself the name "Dark Eye Ninja" because his hood kept falling in his face.  

Molly changed her mind about Halloween Costumes every single day.  She went back and forth between Rapunzel and Angelina Ballerina. She just couldn't make up her mind.  So, I decided to let her choose on the day of Halloween.   She woke up and decided she would be a cat!!!  Nothing she had really mentioned before.  Luckily we had a cat costume in the dress up box.  She had so much fun pretending to be a cat!

Molly and I went trick or treating to Nanie Too-Too's house on Halloween. 

We quickly drove back to Winston-Salem, picked up the boys and then went trick or treating at Nana's house! 

We came home, ate dinner, and then went trick or treating in our own neighborhood.  The kids went with Daddy and I stayed home and handed out candy.  We had 202 trick or treaters, 205 if you count our little goblins.

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