Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Pumpkins 2012

 Molly decided she did not want to carve a pumpkin.  She declared that the insides of a pumpkin are "B-SCUSTING!" So, Molly painted hers pink and glued pink buttons and pom poms on.   Then she requested we add a bow.   While looking for the ribbon, we found these butterflies from her birthday, which of course she wanted to add, as well. 

Ryan selected a ninja pattern for his pumpkin.  He scooped out the whole thing (with only a tiny bit of assistance at the end).  Then he used a screwdriver and poked holes to make an outline.  Then this amazing 5 year old actually cut a lot of the ninja out (with supervision of course).

Andrew chose an owl pattern.  And not a simple one that he could do on his own.  This one was a little tricky, so he needed a little more assistance than his siblings.  He scooped the whole thing out, did most of the outline himself, and most of the cutting

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